Which is the right bag for me? Help please!


Aug 30, 2007
Upper South, USA
Mea culpa! Mea culpa! Okay, I confess I now understand what all the fuss is about. I had a great experience at the Chicago store on Friday. My SA helped me find two scarves and a scarf ring - I had only intended to buy one scarf! One of the scarves is a plisse and I love it! She showed me how to do wonderful things with it using the scarf ring. I liked what she did so much, I wore it out of the store!

I also looked at handbags. I have carried a Vuitton Tracadero now since 1985 (two different ones over the years), and I'm just plain tired of it. She suggested the Lindy or the Bolide. They had no Lindy at that time, but I looked at two Bolide. The 31cm is a good size for me and they had a gold Togo that was lovely. I admit I'm now hooked on the extraordinary leather. I looked at the leather sample books and they are all just fabulous.

I am not ready to make a purchase at this time as this is a huge jump for me. Obviously, Hermes is much more expensive than Vuitton, but more importantly, I have been wearing a bandoleero-style handbag for a LONG time. I have loved the freedom of nothing slipping on my shoulders if I'm carrying packages or holding a grandchild's hand. This will be my "always" everyday bag so it must be of a durable material and it must truly function well.

I have some concerns about the lack of a zipper compartment or an outside compartment, something my Vuitton has. I know - I can buy all sorts of lovely accessories to hold these things, but then I'm spending thousands more just on them - not an option at this time - perhaps not ever.

I really need the advice of you experienced ladies. Is Togo a good choice for wearability? I liked the gold but I'm used to the darker brown background color in the monogram Vuitton as it goes with most everything. Also, what are the chances I'll ever find something in either Chicago (my SA said I could phone her as I have now been in the store and made a purchase) or NYC where I go 2-3 times a year when I visit my son in CT?

Advice please!!!


Extreme Hermès!
Aug 28, 2007
Orange World
I love Togo. It's a very durable leather for normal use, IMO. If you love dark brown shade, I believe Hermes has a few color choices, i.e. ebene, havane brown, and some other colors which I can't remember the names.

I don't think Hermes make any bags with many zips compartment on inside or outside their bags. The most I see is only two or three compartments on the inside.

I am not sure what type of bags you are looking at but I think Kelly, Bolide or Lindy will be the option if you want freedom with your hands.

Since Hermes Madison Avenue in NYC is the flagship store, it should carry more items than the one in Chicago. The number of bags available will depend on the seasons though.


Make It Work
Nov 4, 2006
Hi India,

Welcome. It would be great if you could see a Lindy before you choose. You have the option of hand carry when you are on your own which is very stylish but also shoulder carry when you are with the grandchildren. It is a spectacularly chic bag, I think and gives a lift to whatever you are wearing.

It comes in clemence leather (similar to togo but more squishy) and great colors. I saw a beautiful one in cafe (brown) recently but it also comes in gold.

The 30 is probably quite big enough for you as it holds an enormous amount and it does have an exterior pocket for you cell phone if you need to get it quickly.

Lindy has 5 feet on the bottom too so you can plop it down (as you so often need to with little ones) without worrying too much.

I don't have a Bolide so can't help you there. But togo is v. hardy and gold is fantastically versatile.

If you have a look at the top of the page in the reference section you will see many pics of the various leathers and detailed descriptions on each one.

PM me if you need help to navigate around :smile:


Sep 14, 2006
I LOVE the Bolide. If 31 is what you prefer, you could not go wrong with the gold Togo, totally classic.
Did you see a 37? I like 37 for the amount it will hold, but then I have yet to get a 31, so I cannot compare the 37 and 31.
My 2 cents worth, you are at the stage of life when you should not deny yourself, so don't wait too long to jump into Hermes.


Aug 30, 2007
Upper South, USA
Thanks for all the advice! I tried the 37 Bolide and it was too big for me - just overpowering which is odd since I'm heavy.

I have back problems so I keep my purse contents to bare essentials. When I'm doing serious "big city" shopping, I take along a "trolley" - bought it in London and it carries all those "extras" needed for a serious day of shopping in the city. It may not be chic, but it beats an aching back and shoulders at my age! Actually, I found in Paris that many women do the same - also in London where I bought mine.

I'd really like to see a Lindy as it appeals to me. It's a bit different than the Bolide - I have not seen anything similar out there. I like the idea of the external pocket. I have an iPhone which I adore, but the ring on it is not very loud and it would be very hard to hear inside a bag. It hangs in it's own special Vuitton case on the strap of my Tracadero now. I can't stand fishing for a cell phone when it is ringing.
May 6, 2007

A 30 cm birkin might be ideal. its open on top so it has easy access. the straps are long enough to be comfortable and its light. or perhaps a 32 or 35 kelly b/c of the shouder strap

lindys are too folded /crumpled up on themselves and you need two hands to open it up......there is a lot of straps and zippers..........


Aug 30, 2007
Upper South, USA
I love the look of a Birkin but I really have to have something I can put on my shoulder. Perhaps someone thin who does not wear a coat could do this with a Birkin but I doubt I could.

I do have a question for you Lindy ladies; do you leave the straps dangling? If you do, do they eventually make marks where they rub? I kind of like the less structured look and it looks as if one could keep one zipper open if there was a need to constantly be getting in the bag. I think it's those two outside pockets that appeal to me so much - I would be lost without at least one. That's my biggest concern with the Bolide even though it was a very becoming bag on me.


Nov 27, 2006
India, what a pretty little cavalier! We have a tri-color, just the sweetest little lady, always a puppy, even though she's 7!

You sound like you're looking for a practical, everyday bag, so togo, fjord or clemence would be good, durable choices. If the bolide is big enough for your needs, it will probably be the best all-around choice because it's easy to get in and out of and you can carry it on your shoulder or get a longer, canvas strap and wear it across your body. It doesn't have an outside pocket, but I believe it does have an inside pocket which will be easy to access when you leave the top zipper open.

I don't have one myself, but I'd love one someday. I use kellies when I need a shoulder strap, but they are probably too much work to get in and out of for what you're looking for.


Mar 14, 2006
New England
I am the biggest bolide fan! I think it's perfect - very much like the LV alma which was also my fav for a long time...it does have a shoulder strap for the times when you need that as well -- I love mine! Good luck...


Jun 27, 2007
I think you need to try on the bags under consideration in front of a full length mirror to determine what looks best for you. Perhaps the boutique could call you when a Lindy comes in?

As far as function - it's a personal decision. I don't have either bag, but they each have their fan club here and I've learned a lot by reading the pros and cons.

They are worth the search!


Sep 14, 2006
Dear Ms. India:

Try the Lindy in Clemence. I am not sure if you want it really big or not, but 30cm is roomy enough. You can easily get in out of the bag by just leave the 2 front strap of the bag un-tie.

It can be handheld and on the shoulder. Whenever you need the room, it's boxy enough and if you don't it can be slouchy enough to become triangular looking.

For me, I felt as if I have 2 different bags with the Lindy style.

It's also LITE wt and ALL Leather.

Hope these info helps...


Aug 30, 2007
Upper South, USA
Thanks so much to everyone for their advice! I'll be in NYC on Tues of Thanksgiving week, and plan on going to both the Wallstreet and Madison Ave stores, so hopefully there will be a couple things I can try. I'm in no hurry to make a purchase - can't make a mistake here. I wish I lived in a city with an Hermes store so I could go in regularly, but I'm also going to be near Naples in Jan and in Beverly Hills in Feb and back in NY in March, so I have several opportunities.
This Forum is SO great with tons of pictures and info! I can't even imagine making a purchase of this magnitude without the help of the Forum and you terrific ladies!


Oct 12, 2006
I feel like a broken record, but, I can't sing the praises of the Bolide highly enough. It's a bag that can easily transition from casual to dressy, has the mou (smushy) version vs. rigide, depending on your preference, has the zip top, is easy to get into, and the detachable shoulder strap. I think its not screaming "Hermes bag" is a plus as well. I'd go and try out the 31 vs. 37 in the mou and rigide options. It would be a fantastic first H bag. Oh and yes, you can't go wrong with togo for all-purposeness and practicality.