Which is the rarest tokidoki bag?

  1. The bags that it's very difficult to find it :push:
  2. An original print bambinone.
  3. Do you mean in general or right now?

    I think in general it would be most mamma styles- esp original and PG

    and now......I think it depends on where you'd buy it and how much... a couple of weeks ago PG's inflated Foresta were inflated for a while- still kind of are and I think this week.. it's the citta/citta rosas with good placement are. a while back infernos were selling for a lot. but this is my speculation.. others may have looked/researched more than me.
  4. Did you guys notice that there's alot more original print selling lately on eBay than say...a month ago?
  5. I say mamma...either in original or playground
  6. i second that azumie!! You just got to my post first!! And I think the cangurino (the smaller version) in both original and PG and the carmellina in original. Basically alot of the *rare* ones are first and second season.
  7. zucca foresta...cuz thats the bag i want n isnt found anywhere!
  8. I saw one in eBay last month but I prefered my original print mamma. I'm still searching a foresta zucca :push:
  9. But most of it is fake..... karyna07, paris*hilton*alive and snoppyisnotadog have seen to that.
  10. I think Original print bambione, caramella and caramellina.
  11. the mamma bags... Lindsey at the Shampton Outlet didn't even know what they were but knew people were asking about it.
  12. Yeah, the mamma is rare but I was just thinking about what bags I've seen for sale on ebay. I've seen at least 6 mammas in original print for sale but I've never seen an original print bambione, caramellina or caramella. Actually I saw one caramella but it was BIN for over $200 which is crazy!!!
  13. hey latte when do you see them? I know the last one on ebay I saw was in early March but yeah I'm looking for one could you let me know when you spot another :graucho:
  14. My Toki obsession started some time in October and I've been an ebay addict since then. I guess from October to now I've seen them. If I see one I will let you know. I remember seeing one auction end at $222, isnt that crazy????
  15. yeah... I know the last one I saw ended over $150... :crybaby: but now I really want a mamma (especially since they're harder to find)... something about it being rare gets to me :sweatdrop: