Which is the most user friendly bag, small mp, lg mp or Blake?

  1. Which of the 3 bags do you like the best and find easiest to use small mp, large mp or Blake? I have had all 3 and can't make up my mind?:wtf:
  2. from that list, my personal favorite is the blake. the small mp doesn't fit all of my stuff and the large mp is too slouchy for me to comfortably get in and out of. i love the compartments (keeps me organized) and it's the perfect size (not too big, not too small). mostly, i love the way it looks!
  3. I'm a huge fan of the small MP. It just fits me perfectly - it's not too heavy and and it holds a lot of stuff. I have a lot of stuff to carry around but not enough to justify getting a large MP.
  4. I definitely think the mp is the most user friendly. Whether or not you use the large or the small just depends on how much stuff you have to carry around. I love the look of the blake, but I always forget which compartment I put what in!
  5. I find the small MP easiest to use as long as you don't have a ton of stuff. It's a comfortable size to carry without being so large that you have to dig around a lot to find anything. However, if it were not for the weight factor I'd find the Blake more user-friendly because I find the compartments helpful. I wish it didn't weigh so much!
  6. I definitely vote for the small MP. I have two of them, and they are absolutely perfect, very light and easy to manage. I just bought my first Blake on eBay (authenticated here) last week, and although it is drop-dead beautiful, it is too heavy for me to manage easily and I am going to resell it on eBay. Too bad, because the style is so gorgeous! It truely is one of the nicest looking bags I have ever purchased. So if the weight doesn't bother you, go for the Blake. I think I am definitely the minority here on tPF~ people seem to be happy to deal with the weight of the bag, because it is so awesome looking. Depends on what matters to you.
    Good Luck!
  7. I think the Blake is the most user friendly. The compartments are great, and I love the pushlock pockets on the front.
  8. I find myself using my large MP the most. It holds a ton and sits very nicely on the shoulder. I just :heart: it!
  9. i have the same trouble with my hudson bag! to me, the hudson is the larger version of the blake.
  10. I would have to say the most user friendly for ME is Blake..The fact that it has three compartments keeps me sooooooo organized...In the middle compartment I keep my zc, keys and cell phone ONLY....the middle is so easy to get to because it just has that snap..so I can put the bag in the crook of my arm and grab my essentials easily...Other stuff I need but not ALL the timeI put in the outer zip compartments..the structure of the bag adds to her "ease of use"..I have 2 MP's too..which I LOVE..but I find it's not as easy to get stuff in and out as it is for my Blakes..The MP's tend to 'cave' so to speak..not in a bad way by any means but it's not too easy to get stuff in and out if you're in line at the grocery store..fumbling & in a hurry..YES BLAKE IS HEAVY!!!!!!!!!!!!! But she's built to last, and it's something I put up with b/c I love the bag...I can't say anything about the large MP b/c I don't have one..yet lol!!!!!!!!!!
  11. I love the small MP. It's not as heavy as the blake and easy to find stuff in one compartment. The size is perfect for me. I'm too disorganized to use the blake, I always forget which compartment I put something and then spend twice the amount of time going thru all the compartments to find it.
  12. large MP- it is my fave.
  13. I love the blake, though it is heavy. i like that there are compartments and not just an opening where I lose all my stuff and have to go digging. Nevertheless, I still think all three styles are cute. It just comes down to which one you feel most comfortable carrying.
  14. i think the large mp would be better, i have a small mp and i just have to downsize what i carry when i use it, but the blake is too heavy i hear, personally for an everyday i'd think a venetia, i use my bowler and stam hobo more than anything else, the metallic purple venetia is "too Special" lol to use as often, so is my capra

    next purchase is a venetia or bal harbour for everyday or that elusive topaz stam
  15. Of the 3, I think the Large MP is the most user friendly. I love the look of the Blake, but I find that it looks "overstuffed" when I have all of my stuff in it. Also, I personally do not like the 3 compartments. I'd rather have all my stuff together in one compartment. I like the large MP more than the small MP because I tend to carry a lot, so the small MP is a little small for me.