which is the most popular chloe?

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  1. I am new to the chloe forum...

    just wondering which is the most popular model?
  2. i'd say definitely the paddington
  3. In a general sort of way the Paddington is the iconic Chloe bag fer sure!
  4. Definitely the Paddy! :yes:
  5. the paddington for sure!!
  6. yeah, it's the paddington!

    Edith, betty, silverado and bay run a close second...

    Are you looking for a particular chloe?
  7. Another vote for the Paddington!
  8. Paddy!:tup:
  9. paddington for sure:yes:
  10. Definitely the Paddington. It's already an icon. It sort of put the Chloe name back into fashionistas' minds.
  11. Paddington- I did not really care for Chloe until the paddington came out
  12. definitely the paddington!