Which is the largest BV store in Hong Kong?

  1. hi to all you fabulous tpfers,

    anyone knows which is the bv store with the largest range in hong kong? will be there tomorrow and there are so many stores i don't know where to begin! :shrugs:

    thanks heaps!
  2. landmark or harbor city i would think~
  3. thanks catabie,

    since i'm near harbour city i will head there first. any chance if you know which mtr station is closest to landmark?

    thanks a lot!
  4. hi aca!

    I also think landmark is bigger than the one in harbour city...the closest MTR to landmark would be Central.

    enjoy your trip and happy shopping!!! :yahoo:
  5. Be sure to also check out the new store at Elements, and check in with any new goodies! ;)
  6. thanks rox_rocks, i am sure i will have a whale of a time!

    nymph - thanks for the tip, where is elements, btw? gosh, i am so lost in hk!
  7. aca- yes, rox_rocks is right. central is the closest MTR station for Landmark store. Please check to see if the Landmark bag is still available for grab while you are there. it's only going to be 2 MTR stations away from BV Harbor City in Tsim Sha Tsui.

    Elements is a brand new mall opened in Tsim Sha Tsui and although i have never been there (was still building it when i was home last time), the structure looks amazing and it looks huge.
  8. thanks, catabie - will check out elements. i'm staying in tst anyway. and hopefully i get lucky with the landmark bag.
  9. i have nothing to add to this, never having been to Hong Kong, but I just wanted to wish armcandyaddict a wonderful trip and I am SOOOO looking forward to pictures and stories of all the BVs you see (and buy) when you are there!
  10. thanks, bookermoose, it's really sweet of you to wish me well. although i hope not to do TOO well, or my bank account's going to be busted!

    does anyone know how many colours the landmark bag is available in? so far i've only seen one in a magazine clipping in a cream colour - and it's gorgeous.
  11. armcandyaddict, I so envy you going to HK!! Please take lots of pics and of course show off whatever goodies you score! Okay, I'll be happy with just pictures of the BV windows, but I'm easily pleased!
  12. they also had it in black at the Habour City BV when I was there last weekend...there are many more handbags to choose from.
    don't forget to ask for the new season handbags and the new arrivals, as they don't always get displayed on the shelves.

    have fun! :wlae:
  13. Is Hong Kong having a sale on BV now?
  14. hi rox_rocks, thanks for the tip. will definitely ask them to bring in out! although i'd never be able to afford all the goodies, though. if i can bring home something in carmine and maybe another evening bag or a pair of shoes my heart would be content! :girlsigh:

    ouija board, i will definitely take pics of the store displays, although i hope they will be worthy of this forum. not sure if they will let me photograph the goodies in the store though?

    oh well, my half-empty suitcase is now packed with my trusty digicam, and i'm armed with the plastic - wish me luck, people! see you again when i am back. *trots off with heart set on scoring at least something in carmine* :choochoo:
  15. I have heard HK has very good BV selection, but pricewise, it's not so cheap. Hope they have big sale now.