Which is the keeper?


Which is the keeper?

  1. 05 Olive

  2. 06 Origan

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. I think I pretty much know, but am interested to get your feedback.

    I bought two green day bags, 05 Olive and 06 Origan. Which would you keep?


  2. i'd keep the o5 :drool:

    which has the better leather?
  3. Both are lovely! I voted for 05 because it's deeper, and more rare. And of course that year is known for its beautiful thick leather. But as an 06 owner, I think it was a good year too!

    Overall, I don't think you can go wrong in your decision, they're great colours!
  4. The 05 leather is like butter, which is amazing as there is no sign of wear to corners etc.
  5. The olive is prettier, more versatile, and the leather sounds better.
  6. I agree, if the Olive's leather is better, then clearly you want the better leather. It's an added incentive that Olive is more versatile than Origan, and in my humble opinion, a much prettier shade of green.
  7. I'd love to see pics of the whole bag before I vote, but I'd pick the '05 if it's as buttery as you say.
  8. olive 05`~~:yes:
  9. sorry, can't help. i can't vote, cos i like both colours and i'm not even a green person. olive is warmish and origan has a greyish tone to it that i adore. if i must choose personally, i'd have to look at my wardrobe to help in my elimination process.
  10. I'll keep the 05
  11. I think 05 Olive leather looks better.
  12. 05 Olive!
  13. Another vote for 05 olive!
  14. The leather on the 05 Olive is better, so I'd definitely say keep that one instead.

    I do like both colors, but not a fan of the Origan leather....
  15. 05 Olive because of the leather.