Which Is The Better Tote In Your Opinion?


May 17, 2008
With all the talk about the Damier Neverfull coming out soon it makes me want to get one but when I went on LV.com to check out the dimensions of the GM it seems about the same size of my Galliera PM. Is that right? Does someone have both that could share pictures to compare the sizes? Then I checked out the Saleya and that seems much larger but it's double the cost (if I base it on the Mono price).

I want to use whichever of the two to put all my files and work papers in for everyday use. Which do you ladies prefer? I would appreciate your suggestions on this matter. Thank you.


Jun 18, 2008
I do like that the saleya has a zipper and it does seem like you're getting a little bit more with it (not as lightweight, zipper, outside pocket, etc) but I do NOT see why it is so expensive! i mean as you or someone else already said, its like double the cost...not worth it in my opinion. just go for the damier neverfull!