which is the better eye cream?

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  1. which eye cream do you think is better, for those of you that use either one...Chanel Sublimge eye cream or Amore Pacific Time Response eye cream??? thanks
  2. The Chanel product, IMO, is better. I'm a big fan of AP Time Response products, but I get better results with Chanel eye cream. My skin is older but still in pretty good condition. The undereye area looks fresher with Chanel Sublimage.
  3. Niether, haha.. i am really into natural products. I love ole henriksen eye cream. i like an eye cream i can put right under my eyes up to the lash line and there are very few out there that you can.

    i have really sensitive eyes. and the eye creams i have found that do not cause me any eye irritation is, ole henriksen, BB hydrating e/c & Borba. you don't have to use any of these products only only around the orbital bone.

    ole henriksen eye gel for night, you can put right on your eye lids. very refreshing.
  4. I love Chanel Eye cream: Precision Rectifiance Intense Retexturizing Line Correcting Eye Cream. Works great for me! :tup: