Which is the better evening/going out bag?


Which is the better evening/going out bag?

  1. Suhali Le Talenteaux

  2. Vernis Sunset Blvd

  3. Limelight

  4. something else

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  1. Hi Ladies!
    Which is the better evening/going out bag in your opinion? Thanks in advance for all of your help!
  2. Limelight!
  3. It kind of depends on where you're going and the function, but in general I would say the Sunset Blvd since it has the zippered compartment so you don't have to carry a wallet with it. It has a removable strap so you can use it as clutch or shoulder bag and it is shiny so it's dressy. It's versatile for drinks at a bar, casual dinner, party, etc. The Limelight would be for dressier occassions like weddings or dinner. Suhali Le Talenteaux is too big and boxy as an evening bag in my opinion.
  4. is the sunset blvd amarante like a purplish color?
  5. It's a very deep purple, almost black in room lighting. Under the sun and brighter light, it's lighter purple kind of like eggplant. Different lighting gives different effect. Take a look at the Amarate Club thread in the Clubhouse. There are lots of pics posted there to give you a idea.
  6. Limelight! I love that bag!!
  7. limelight! if I could I"d buy it and use it everyday for everything!
  8. Limelight!!! I just love this bag!
  9. IMO the Le Tal is too big and "clunky" as an evening bag, the Sunset is too narrow, and the Limelight is too trendy (as in you won't want to wear it in a couple years).

    I personally like the L'Aimable, Onatah pochette, Shirley, Eliza, Beverly clutch, or even a mono or damier pochette as a more casual option.
  10. It depends where you are going to I guess ... but the limelight or the sunset should work out fine.
  11. Either Le Talentueux or Vernis Sunset Boul depending on how much stuff you need to carry. Sorry, limelight is a bit too much imo... plus it's uncomfortable to always have to clutch it when you wanna party ;)
  12. the Le Talenteux seems like a good daytime going out bag.. maybe a little too big for evening and the Vernis Sunset for a evening party/dinner/bar type of bag.. both are so gorgeous!!
  13. Limelight all the way!!! :tup:
  14. definitely the limelight!
  15. i voted for the Le Talenteux because it's always handy to have a shoulder bag. the Limelight would have been my second choice, but to me it's like carrying a big floppy envelope and woe betide you if it slips out from under your arm into a puddle