Which Is The Better Color: Black or Ink??

  1. I recently just bought my first Balenciaga (Rouge Vif Box). Haven't received her yet, but I will in the next two days. But I'm already wanting the City in either Black or Ink color. I just want your opinions on which of the two is the prettiest color. Let me know. I live in the sticks of Nebraska, so there are no Balenciaga bags around.
  2. If you already have a black bag, I'd choose Ink. It's nice to see a splash of color, IMO.
  3. I don't own a black bag currently, but exactly what color is the Ink anyway?
  4. Interesting question. Sometimes, in lower light it appears black, but outside it looks purple/navyish.

    Oh, and I vote for Ink!!!
  5. I love Ink...and the color changes with different light...
  6. I have both colors, but I'm partial to the Ink.
  7. Thanks everyone for your comments. I hope I can find one in Ink.
  8. ink
  9. I love the black. The black bags are classic and the newer ones have really nice leather. I will be the oddball here, but my choice would be black.:yes:
  10. I love black!
  11. i love both. i can't really choose.
  12. Get the INK!!:yahoo:
  13. I just got my Weekender in Ink today. As already stated it is a navy/purple (and in some light almost black). I think the colour varies from bag to bag. I just got mine and I am loving it sooo much. :love: It's a really fun colour!
    Here are my pics (taken indoors at night) in the sunlight mine is quite a bit more purple-y colour but I haven't taken any pics of that yet.
    Ink Full.jpg Ink empty.jpg
  14. Hey missy!! I vote for Ink as well - it's such a lovely color! :love:
  15. black!!!