Which is the better black bag: Lanvin Hero or Chanel Reissue?


The better black bag?

  1. Chanel Reissue

  2. Lanvin Hero

  3. Chanel Reissue

  4. Lanvin Hero

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  1. Which is better:

    Chanel Reissue

    Lanvin Hero

    (pictures taken from posts by slc and lightblue84)
  2. What is your wardrobe like? High end and classy or high end and edgy? For me, no questions, I'd go w/ the Lanvin, the Chanel is too classic for my style. BUT, if you dig classics, you can't go better than the Chanel.
  3. Hi Swirly, this is just a general pole to see which is more popular and not specifically for me. :okay:
  4. Four for Chanel and only one for Lanvin? hm.
  5. Another vote for chanel. Although I do like the second bag too, it looks great on the whoever that is.
  6. another vote for chanel!

    i like the lanvin, but chanel is timeless..
    You could always wear that no matter what..
    and you also could dress up and down w/ it=)

  7. Helen, that's Sarah Michelle Gellar of Buffy the Vampire Slayer fame.
  8. Lanvin Hero. The Re-issue is too standard issue Chanel.
  9. I like Chanel. It is a classic and timeless piece.
  10. I like both of them, but I decided to vote for the Chanel!
  11. Chanel because it's a classic.
  12. i really like the lanvin better in the picture. however if i'm to buy one of these 2 bags i'll buy the chanel - like many have said it's classic and so to me it's more worth the price ;)