Which is the best LV monogram shoulder bag?

  1. I think for me it might be the Popincourt Haut, but if anyone has a preference as an owner...

    Must be a shoulder-only bag... and not the petite bucket, and nothing with a flap opening either :smile:

  2. BH baby!
  3. i dont have one... YET... but totally agree!!!! :yes:
  4. Cabas Piano, if you want shoulder with a zipper.
  5. Petit Noe!!!:love:
  6. Cabas Mezzo
    I love bringing this bag out. I am on the short side 5'3" but I still love it. You can bring every thing with you when you go out. Plus it fits comfortably under your arm.
  7. Medium looping gets my vote
  8. Popincourt haut, hands down !
  9. Agreed!:love:
  10. :heart: :yes: BH!!!:yes: :heart:
  11. I vote Mezzo!
  12. Popincourt Haut and BH!
  13. I would go with the Popincourt Haut....cuz I have one!! LOL. It's just a perfect shoulder bag.
  14. I don't either(but I will soon thanks for yeauxhonnetes pics)--love the BH! :heart:
  15. Mezzo/Babylone/Croissant