Which is the best everyday bag?

  1. Hey guys, so I originally wanted to get a Chanel jumbo flap in caviar leather but I'm not so sure if this would be the most practical bag for everyday usage. It seems really delicate and kind of small. :sad: SO I was thinking that maybe I should go with the GST or medallion bag? Which of these bags would you reccomend the most for everyday? & if you know the prices like which is the most expensive and stuff I would really appreciate it!
  2. I think caviar leather bags are not too delicate to use as everyday bag. But for me the double flap jumbo is little bit too heavy to use as everyday bag. My mom uses her GST very often and I don't have a medallion so I can't tell you, but they look pretty durable.
    What I use everyday for work is my cerf tote and sometimes I use my single flap caviar maxi or LVs. HTH.
  3. i carry a lot of stuff so chanel jumbo isnt big enough for an everyday bag. I think the gst is a better choice but personally i use my balenciaga city.
  4. I stopped using my GST as an everyday bag because it was too heavy and boxy. I alternate between my new Chanel WOC and a LV for everyday use because they are more light weight and comfortable. I still love my GST but not for every day. I've never had a medallion tote but I'm interested in what others have to say about it.
  5. I agree that caviar is definitely durable enough, but it depends on if you want it to be a tote bag or handbag. I'm on the lookout for an everyday Chanel bag as well, but the GST is too boxy but the Jumbo is too small (as others have said). I think like the older style diamond stitch tote might be what you're after? (it certainly is what I want!)
  6. I like using the medallion tote as an everyday bag. It fits a lot and not too bulky
  7. GST is my everyday bag - i own all the other classics but have gotten used to the easy access of this tote...Cerf is also a nice choice...
  8. I want to purchase the GST for an everyday bag, and hope that it won't be to heavy for me....
  9. I use my GST as an every day bag and it's great. I don't find it too heavy (maybe because I compare it to how heavy a diaper bag can get!) and it's got quite a bit of room to toss things in. It's even big enough for letter-size folders if you're looking to tote things back and forth from work... HTH
  10. best everyday bag wil vary - depending on your lifestyle. If I were you I'd get my things together -what I want to carry on a daily basis and go directly to the boutique and check the bags out. I am not a fun of the GST which to me - looks bulky and kind of unwieldy...I like a smaller cross body bag for daily use. like this one...
  11. single flap jumbo:smile:
  12. Gst
  13. I purchased a single flap black jumbo the day before the increase, and I have carried it 2 times since June. Not an everyday bag for my life style. I am a blue jean girl most days. I just got delivered to me from NM the Black Caviar Timeless tote that does not have a center zip pocket. With silver hardware. I love it, I was hesitant at first but I went a head and purchased because the SA said it was the last in the company. It is the perfect size and not too heavy. I had a GST but I did not care for it because it was just heavy and bulky to me. Good Luck:smile:
  14. I actually think that a GST is the perfect bag, it really doesn't weigh anything unless what you're adding into the bag to carry is really heavy... I have mine in black caviar, it's super durable and its a great bag for pretty much any occasion...
  15. I talked to a seller on eBay that has that diamond tote up for auction, just listed yesterday. Beautiful bag it is the extralarge one. Great bag, and you can return if not satisfied too. I was considering but I purchased the timeless tote the other day from NM, last black one in the company and I love it too. Good luck:smile: