Which is the best designer bag label?

  1. I'm in the process of buying a designer bag. Which is the best out of Channel, Gucci or Louis Vutton? Please give reasons.... and also which is the most popular!
  2. The best is the one you LOVE.

    My advice is to look at the various styles from the different designers and choose one that you love, regardless of which may be the most popular or "best" to other people. It is stupid to buy a bag for any reason other than that it is something you love.
  3. I suggest looking at each designer's line and select the ones that are most appealing to you and go from there. Do you want an evening bag, an everyday bag, a wristlet? The possibilities are endless!
  4. They all make beautiful bags - I prefer LV because it's so classic and timeless and iconic.
  5. The best one is the one that looks good on you, not the brand!
  6. The bag that steals your heart is the way to go!:heart:

    I have an LV petit bucket that I bought 7 years ago & although I don't carry it any more (I carried it for about 2 years nonstop & prefer leather now) everytime I look at it, I think 'I LOVE that bag!!'
  7. I agree, they all make beautiful bags. Half the fun is going to the stores and trying them and seeing how you look in them. I have been surprised at the popular bags that have looked terrible on me and the ones that have looked amazing. Yup, the searching is the fun part of the process.
  8. Jumping on bandwagon--the best is the one you love the most! For me, the best is one that you didn't mention--Bottega Veneta. My niece would say Chanel or Fendi or Prada. My sister would say Louis Vuitton. We're all different which makes this forum so much fun!
  9. it's hard to say, LV is pretty popular but I only liked one bag enough to purchase. I think JC is pretty popular already especially Riki/Ramona style. Also Chanel flap bags (hate them personally - not my style at all). Balenciaga is very popular and holds it's resale value the best. As for FEndi, appears that only Spy style is the big thing. Too weird looking for me though.
  10. I vote LV. I love the durability and their classy designs. That's just my opinion though. However, I do agree that it's whatever you fall in love with would be best. I fell in love with the purse in my avatar photo. Even though I have been carrying it ever since I got it and it got a little faded (but it's denim... yum), I still just can't help but love the purse. Plus, DH bought it for me and that just makes me love it even more.
  11. Don't look at the brand, just listen to your heart. Someone gave me a book about handbags which contains a quote from someone, stating that you should only buy a bag if you feel like you're about to die if you don't. Now that is a bit extreme, but you should really only buy a bag if you LOVE it (not like, but LOVE). Brands aren't that important!
  12. It depends, you have to really look at the bags you own and see what's missing. Do you want a durable functional bag? Or a beautiful evening one? Do you want something that goes with everything or something only for special occasions or specific outfits? Your budget is obviously very important, but there is something out there for almost anyone. :yes:
  13. Louis Vuitton IS the most popular, but like others said, go for whatever YOU want.
  14. I agree ... buy what YOU love. I don't stick to any one particular designer, because there are pieces in all the lines that I really like (and some I don't like). Just don't limit yourself to what the favourite of the masses might be and get something that is truly "you"!
  15. There are so many beautiful bags out there. Try not to get stuck in identifying "best" with a particular designer. Give yourself the opportunity experience many designers. Some of my favorite bags are lesser-known designers.