Which is the best design for .....


Nov 26, 2005
Sorry if this has been posted before... it's hard to do a search on a topic like this...

Well, I promise myself that I will never buy 2 LV bags of the same leather/canvas... (fat hope!) but for now, I would like to know which do you think is the best bag design for each line...suggest colors if any!

Here's my list!

Mono: Ellipse PM or Mini
Damier: Papillon
Multicolor: Shirley White
Epi: Black Jasmin and Speedy!
Suhali: White L'Aimable
Mini: Josephine in khaki or beige
Vernis: Malibu Street (pearl or hazelnut)
Mono: Popincourt Haut
Damier: Ribera mini
Multicolor: White Trouville
Epi: Black Pont Neuf
Suhali: Black Le Fabuleux
Mini: Josephine in cherry
Vernis: Colombus in silver
Mono: Keepall 55
Damier: Ribera Mini
Multicolor: Speedy 30 in white
Epi: Alma in black
Suhali: Le Talenteux in off-white
Mini: Josephine in cherry
Vernis: Bedford in Noisette
This is an old thread but its cute. Here are my faves

Mono: Mizi (discontinued) **edited to add Manhattan GM for looks and Mussette for comfort
Damier: Duomo and Cabas Mezzo special order
Multicolor: Speedy 30
Epi: Noctambule (discontinued)
Suhali: Le Fabuleux
Mini: Can't think if any
Vernis: Tompkins Square (discontinued)
Mono: Manhattan GM and Klara
Damier: Duomo and Papillon 30
Multicolor: Trouville in white
Epi: Jasmin
Suhali: L'Epanoui GM in white and L'Ingenieux PM in black
Mini: Josephine PM
Vernis: Bedford and Tompkins Square
Mono: Batignolles and Mizi
Damier: Speedy 30
Multicolor: Alma or Speedy
Epi: Mandarin Jasmin
Suhali: All colors of Le Fab
Mini: None..don't really like the line
Vernis: Any color Houston and the Red Biscayne Bay