which is the best choice?


for a most everyday bag once my family expands... mezzo, pal gm, never gm

  1. mezzo

  2. palermo gm

  3. neverfull gm

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  1. i'm looking for a larger everyday bag for when i have 2 kids. i will not carry a diaper bag- i'd rather have a larger 'purse'. my everyday bag is a bh. if i need more room, i carry a mezzo. i;m wondering/thinking i may need more room... or do i? please vote! thanks, also, i though i could use the neverfull gm as an overnight/large tote/big bag when i need it... should i bother? thanks again.
  2. neverfull is a great everyday bag... you can carry tons of stuff..
  3. I voted for the neverfull GM :smile:
  4. I'm with you on not carrying a diaper bag, I use my BH when I need to carry a lot of stuff. Of your choices I would probably go with the palermo gm.
  5. Isnt the mezzo dicontinued /or being ? I would worry about the bottom if i was going to use it as a bag/diaper bag. I'd go for the Neverfull GM less worry :biggrin:
  6. Mezzo all the way. Having a zippered top is pretty important for me.
  7. The Palermo zips at the top doesn't it (correct me if I'm wrong)? Sometimes when you bend/kneel down to pick up a child or help them with something if you're not zipped at the top, things fall out.
    So my vote is Palermo GM.
  8. Sorry, Lisa I hadn't seen your post about the Mezzo when I posted. I guess we were thinking along the same lines!
  9. I am not a fan of the Neverfull... the Mezzo is a great choice!
  10. neverfull is not in my list at all
  11. palermo! i saw it at my store today and it certainly fits a LOT but is still very stylish! Very convenient with the detatchable shoulder strap, and the security of a zipped top.
  12. My vote goes to the Palermo GM
  13. yes- it does. thanks- that's a good point about the losing things... plus i tend to lose things without even trying! so dar neverfull & palermo are tied...
  14. I'd go with the palermo. I'm not a fan of the neverfull and the mezzo's bottom is not good for what you're planning on using it for.
  15. I have 2 kids myself and I would vote for the Palermo because that's what I would get if I was in the market for a diaper bag.
    It's stylish, decent size, has a zipper and it's versatile ( can be carried accross your body/on your shoulder or hand-held. )

    Congrats on your second baby!!