Which is roomier?

  1. Hi there,

    First post in Coach thread but needed your opinions. Looking for a classic looking bag that would fit some necessary misc baby items. Which would be roomier? Seems like the large ergo hobo has more "give" and dimensions are bigger than the ergo large magazine tote but would love people's personal experiences..tia!!!

    [​IMG] OR [​IMG]
  2. the tote, of course! that hobo is longer, but not that wide. the tote is going to give you the room you need.
  3. thx for the response!! I guess I'll have to bring my things to the store and see if I can fit them in there.
  4. absolutely...that's what i do all the time. with the tote (i have one, just not the buckled) i can fit notebooks, clothes, shoes once, everything because the bag is deep.

    the hobo is longer than it is wider, and i tried to fit my things in there, and it just didn't work for me. i wanted the plum buckled hobo for the longest, but it just wasn't gonna work.
  5. Congrats! I Love the name Owen!
  6. ^^:flowers: Thanks so much! We're just playing the waiting game right now.

    blackbutterfly - So I went to my Coach store and brought my things. Sure enough, the tote was perfect. I was like you and wanted the plum large hobo but it just wasn't big enough like you said. thx again for your expert advice! I wound up getting the large ergo belted tote in tobacco! I think it will look nice as my classy diaper bag and if it gets scratched, I like that it will give it character and add a more 'vintage' look to it. :graucho:

    Also couldn't pass up the Weslyn boots which are being fed ex'd to me (didn't have my size). I had to take advantage of the PCE while I could! :p
  7. Congrats on your new bag and baby Owen!
  8. congrats! glad the tote worked out for you, and it is a great bag! congrats on the boots, too!!