Which is roomier?? Legacy Ali, Shoulder, or Satchel

  1. I'm hoping you guys can help me. Do you know which bag is roomier? I already have the Mandy, though it is quite roomier, but I plan on getting one of the other Legacy bags. I love all of them, but I don't want something too small. I saw the pics of the shoulder tote and I love that bag, but does anyone have the satchel, and if so could you post some pics of it? The closest Coach store to me doesn't have any in stock, so I will have to order online:sad: Thanks..
  2. the satchel is roomy...but it's definately heavier (lots more hardware on it)...can't fit over the shoulder too easily.

    the shoulder bag is roomy and fits great over the shoulder.

    it totally depends on what you like.

    mrs jones has the satchel- ask her for pics.
  3. Hi,
    I don't know about the satchel. The Ali Bag is certainly roomier.
    I also own the Legacy Shoulder bag in whiskey. If you just want
    a bigger bag I would go with the Ali. While the satchel is nice you
    will most likely only be able to carry it in your hands and not on your shoulder
    as the Straps are not too long. Good Luck!
  4. i definitely think the Ali.
  5. I think the Ali & Satchel are probably close space wise, just differently laid out. It's just a matter of personal preference. I personally don't like the look of the Ali at all. So I chose the satchel. All up to you and your preference. Now I could never fill mine up, so I just grabbed as much as I had in my shoulder bag and threw it in to take a photo.


  6. luvmycoach:

    I just love your satchel, it is really sharp looking. I own the Legacy shoulder bag in whiskey and the Ali in Whiskey is arriving to my house this Friday.
    I think the Ali is more of a Bohemian looking bag. I may have to get the satchel too. :yes:
  7. Thanks luvmycoach for the pics of your bag! I think I will be going with the satchel, I think it is so pretty. Now I must decide on Whiskey or Black. I always buy browns, so I'm thinking that maybe I will go for black this time.
  8. LizCordova - thank you! It really is a great bag! :smile: I'm in love with anything legacy these days.

    plzrck - You're welcome, I love showing it off. I hope you love yours just as much if you decide to go ahead and buy it. I love the black and I'm normally all about the browns.

  9. I think the shoulder bag has more room
  10. Well, I decided to go with the satchel! I am getting it in black, the pics of Luvmycoach's black satchel sealed the deal for me, thanks! Hopefully it'll be here in a few days. I'm soo excited.
  11. I think luvmycoach's pic has sealed the deal for a lot of ladies. I'm SERIOUSLY thinking about getting the satchel in black too!
  12. Crap, so am I! I really need therapy. LOL

    Those are fantastic pictures luvmycoach!! Question on the front pockets - Are they magnetic closures? If not, how do they open?

    Also, is the satchel really a lot heavier than the shoulder bag? I'm wondering if it may just be too much bag for me.
  13. This forum is bad for the bank account. lol :smile:

    The front pockets have a magnetic closure. I don't notice the satchel being too heavy. I have the shoulder bag also and there's a difference, but not a huge one for me and not enough to make me not want to carry it. I don't carry a ton in my bags though, as you can see so that also helps.
  14. Thanks for the info luvmycoach!

    One more question for you - how do you carry your satchel? Do you always carry it in your hand or on your arm? Are you ever able to get it over your shoulder? TIA!

    Also, if you wouldn't mind, could you post pics of your satchel from the front? I'd love to see a real satchel, versus the picture of one on coach.com. Thanks!!
  15. I always carry it on my arm or in my hand. It's not a shoulder bag, though a very petite person may be able to wear it on the shoulder (like the model in the catalog does).