Which is one is safer CC or Paypal

  1. Dealing in eBay.. is it safer to just use paypal or directly be billed via cc?? TIA!:yes:
  2. I only pay via credit card, specifically amex, when I buy on ebay. That way if I have any problems I can contact them and do a charge back.
  3. The best way to pay is use CC thru Paypal. You will have to add the CC to your paypal account and when you pay, you have to choose CC otherwise it will default to your bank account. In the next screen it will ask you to confirm your payment by CC, ignore it and click through... At first I thought it would get charged additional for using CC thru Paypal but it's free.

    And I agree with lulilu, if it's an expensive purchase, definitely use Amex as your CC, I think it offers the best protection.
  4. Thank you ladies!!
  5. AMEX
    They're also the best to deal with if anything goes wrong.