Which is my Goldilocks Bbag?

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  1. Hey gals, I've recently become interested in Bal and want to get my first one soonest possible. Please help this newbie out :flowers: as I need to narrow down my choices.

    Now, I've only seen the First and the City in real life...I love the First very much but it's too small, yet the City is too big. So which style is in between the two in terms of size? I've looked at the styles in the Reference Library....and lookswise, these are the ones that appeal to me: twiggy, box, part-time, purse (in that order). Which one's the right size for me?

    I'm open to other suggestions too....so many styles I'm sure I've missed out others...please feel free to suggest what may suit me, with a size between First and City....many thanks :heart::heart::smile: in advance!
  2. I have both a PT and a city, and the PT is bigger than the city.
  3. The part time is about the same size as the city, just more of an east/west style. The box is small, though I am not sure if it is as small as the first. I'd say the twiggy sounds right for you.
  4. i totally agree, but maybe the box will do as well, since the twiggy's just as wide as city. but personally, citys are not that big, the more you wear them, the more they appear smaller cause they tend to slouch more after a while. [= you can go to balenciaga style guide to take a look, they have all the style listed plus a lot of modeling pictures!
    hope this helps.:yes:
    good luck!
  5. The box is bigger than the first and the twiggy is bigger than the box. As others said above, the part time is about the same size as the city just more rectangular. If you are buying a new bag the purse is discontinued and I'm not sure if they're still making the box. So a twiggy is probably your best bet. Good luck and post pics when you get her!
  6. I'd say twiggy but that's because I'm a huge twiggy fan! Please post pictures when you've decided! Good luck to you
  7. Have you had a look at the 'what's in your bbag' sticky thread? the first actually fits quite a bit. the twiggy fits heaps!! :smile:
  8. Thanks for everyone's comments:smile: really appreciate it :yes:

    I did get to see a friend's First up close and personal....I even got to put all my stuff in to try it out. Yeah, it all fits but just barely, and it's a hassle to get stuff in and out when in a rash....sigh, wish it was just a tad bigger. Because I just LOVE the First, the shape and proportions are perfection :heart::heart::tup:

    I prefer a new bag so Box is out (I didn't know it was discontinued)...leaves me with the Twiggy I guess :P. Or, I have to buy a smaller wallet (oooo, a Bal too?) so I can fit it into the First :yahoo: Can't go wrong either way, right...heh heh...

    I will see what the Bal gods throw at me...in terms of availability, color choices etc.....and yes, I promise I'll post pics to let ya'll know what I end up with ;)
  9. The Purse is discontinued as well, so if you want a new bag, that narrows things down even further. Looks like you'll be looking for a Part-Time or a Twiggy! (Though, personally, I love the Purse!)
  10. I'd say box or twiggy, but if you want a new one, then, go with twiggy (love it!) good luck
  11. The box is a GREAT size inbetween the First and City. Just because it's discontinued doesn't mean you can't find a new or mint on on eBay! Twiggy seems too long for me. =P
  12. It sounds to me like the twiggy is the clear answer -- not to big, not too little and just right for Goldilocks. What colors are you thinking about?
  13. not to confuse you anymore but have you thought about the step? :smile: while i do like the twiggy, bear in mind its shape is more barrel like thank the first and the city, which is more flat..

    good luck and can't wait for pictures!

  14. I LOVE this forum...I get lots of ideas I don't even think about! Thanks, you're not confusing me, pluiee...I've not thought of the Step before. I just went to look at the Reference page pics for the Step.....I like the shape! But doesn't it look bigger than the City?

    I must admit I do prefer the flat rather than the barrel profile..
  15. the step is smaller than the city and it seems like it would be the perfect size for what your looking for.. have you thought about colors yet??