which is most likely to disappear first?

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  1. okay, i've finally organized my wishlist since things have changed, new things been released, etc. these are things i will eventually buy, (tentitive of course depending on new releases in the fall, etc) whether this year or the beginning of next, but for the most part i decided i really want everything on this list. demand for LV is high of course, so things often sell out quick, or LV has that naughty habit of discontinuing items on my list as i'm saving the funds to buy them. that said, i'm wondering which of these items are most likely to disappear first so i can prioritize my purchases and make sure i can get everything i'm looking for without having to go second hand, as that makes me nervous. many are permanent so they'll stick around, but some are not. so, which is likely to disappear first? what would you buy first? (note some of is not even out yet. lol)

    - suhali le fabuleux
    - damier azur canvas hampstead pm
    - damier ebony berkeley
    - epi leather passy (red or cassis, if they make it)
    - if they don't make a cassis passy, something else cassis...anyone know if a lockit will be made? search function is down...
    - special order damier mini noé (i know i can get this anytime. anyone know if i can change the color of the lining? like, purple or something? lol)
    - monogram mini lin bucket
    - suhali compact zippé (color not sure yet)
    - damier azur alexandria wallet
    - damier zip compact wallet
    - gray monogram inclusion speedy key ring (or white if i can find it on eBay)
    - gray monogram inclusion bracelet pm

    - another key ring i do not know the name of, i can't even find a pic of it because it's not on elux and the search function on tpf is down..but it's gold hardware, has red enamel with a little LV lock on it...a pf member has it but can't find her pics. anyone know the name or price of what i'm talking about?

    - suhali keys and change holder (not sure what color yet, probably black :confused1:)
    - antigua cabas mm (brown/white)
    - damier sac plat

    TIA :tup:
  2. I would say the gray inclusion is going to be the hardest to find and the fastest to go, so if you don't get it now.....

    The other bags you mentioned should all be around for a while.
  3. ^^^ i know. i saw it in nyc and i'm just like...crap. lol i need to get a few extra funds to go get it now...
  4. Is that one keychain like this (credit goes to snowypam):
  5. ^^^ yes, that one. what's the name of it and the retail?
  6. That keychain is cute!!!! I'd go with that or the grey inclusion.
  7. I am going to spend some time going through that list and putting in order which I would buy first...I'm bored! LOL brb!
  8. Based on your criteria....this is what I would personally get in this order (although I wouldn't consider getting most of the things myself...it's based on which would disappear first/which should be a priority for me...like what you asked)

    - damier azur canvas hampstead pm
    - damier ebony berkeley
    - gray monogram inclusion bracelet pm
    - gray monogram inclusion speedy key ring
    - epi leather passy (cassis) or another cassis bag
    - pochette cles cadenas
    - special order damier mini noé
    - suhali le fabuleux
    - suhali compact zippé
    - damier sac plat
    - damier zip compact wallet
    - monogram mini lin bucket
    - damier azur alexandra wallet
    - suhali keys and change holder
    - antigua cabas mm
  9. First of all I love your list, I want most of what you want! If it were me, I would buy in this order:

    -damier ebene berkeley
    -mini lin bucket (I thought I read here somewhere this is being discontinued)
    -suhali le fab
    -suhali compact zippe'
    -epi passy in cassis (or lockit - that'd be great if it came out in that color)
    -damier azur alexandra wallet

    then the rest! That's just me though!
  10. The Damier Azur Hampstead PM would be my first buy, I love the Hampstead.
  11. thanks for your opinions everyone :smile: i know i love the hampstead too. i have been waiting for the azur for almost a year so i'm excited it's finally coming around.

    karman, lol, what on my list would you buy? i know you've ventured over towards chanel lately, which i just know i wouldn't have that same fuzzy feeling i get with LV after walking out of a boutique with my purchase. that's mainly why i won't buy chanel. plus i really can't afford it! lol LV is good for me. well, LV is still dangerous but if i got into chanel it would be outrageously dangerous. lol.
  12. is it really? this is honestly the first bag i have considered getting second hand. i can't ever buy anything with vachetta secondhand, i'm too anal about it being perfect when i get it. lol.
  13. Not sure of the retail (I'm thinking around $350-$375?) but it's called the cadenas cles I believe.
  14. ^^^ thanks. i figured retail was somewhere in that range too.
  15. yes it's called cardenas and passy is coming in cassis lockit I heard is not

    I'd go for grey inclusion, mini lin & antigua first the others no rush