Which is most coveted? Cerises pochette or cherry blossom?

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  1. I have the chance to get a cherry blossom pochette in the normal mono and to fund this I am selling my cerises pochette, is this a good idea? How much was the cherry blossom pochette new? Was it more than the cerises? Should I do this or keep the cerises? Let me know your thoughts, thanks:yes:
  2. i prefer CB...but that's my personal preference!!
  3. Well cerises is more expensive than cherry blossom because it came out recently. It all depends on the color combo of the cherry blossom!
    Just an FYI though....you'll probably only get back what you paid for the cerises pochette (if that)...ebay is kind of flooded with them!
  4. Cherry Blossom for sure. :yes:
    To be honest, I think LV learned from the CB debacle and produced more Cerises pieces when they made that line.
  5. CB is super-coveted. I don't know if I'd sell the cerises though, it is pretty as well.
  6. i like both of em!

    the cb is probably more coveted though
  7. From my personal experience it was hard to sell my cerises pochette. I've never owned a CB but it does seem like they're more competitively priced and re-sell higher/easier than Cerises. More vachetta to fret over tho. And I think it goes with less outfits as far as being versatile. CB wins for cuteness tho.
  8. Cherry Blossom for sure!
  9. Both! I love them both. I own the cerises pochette and only have a CB pap...not the pochette. I say hold onto the cerises and then get the CB later.
  10. I also love both, but there were far fewer CB bags made than Cerise. The CB line was much more limited hence the higher prices now. I would say go with the bag that you love more, but be prepared to want the Cerise again as it is very cute! Maybe it is better to wait and save to buy the CB later, then you can have both rather than selling one and then maybe regretting it and having to buy it again. Just a thought, I hope this helps.
  11. Thanks guys! The one In am thinking of is the original canvas with pale pink flowers
  12. could anyone tell me which was the most expensive?
  13. I think the CB is much more limited than the Cerises.
  14. You already have a thread about this. I'll close this one and leave the other open.
Thread Status:
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