Which is most coveted? Cerises pochette or cherry blossom?

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  1. I have the chance to get a cherry blossom pochette in the normal mono and to fund this I am selling my cerises pochette, is this a good idea? How much was the cherry blossom pochette new? Was it more than the cerises? Should I do this or keep the cerises? Let me know your thoughts, thanks:yes:
  2. i will buy your cerises pochette how much are you selling it for
  3. I'd recommend keeping the Cerise pouchette since it's a limited edition piece as well. Are you able to keep the Cerise and save up for the CB pouchette? Also, have you considered getting the CB pouchette in another color combination, especially since you already have the brown mono background on the Cerise?
  4. I can't afford both!
  5. Then is depends on which pouchette you like better. Wishing you all the best with your decision on the pouchette.
  6. *small hijack* Hi Expy! Long time no write. Are you still in th girlie parlour? :flowers:
  7. Hi Glam! It's great to "meet up" with you here :biggrin: I haven't visited the girlie parlour in months since it seems that no one was actively posting there. I hope that things are going well for you and your family. Guess what? My parents bought a new home in Texas and plan to move out there sometime next summer after the house is built. I might move with them but it all depends on my job.
  8. Wow, what a big change Texas will be. Have they checked out malls around the area? Specifically LV and Coach, lol? If the parlour is open, I'll visit tonight and hopefully see you there.
  9. Buffinator--There is no buying or selling at the Purse Forum, it's against the rules.
  10. Glam, too funny... yes, we've scoped out the retail and outlets malls in the Dallas area. Not to worry, there's quite a few LV boutiques for me to frequent :smile: My brother lives in the Dallas area, hence the decision from my parents to move out there. Will try to check out the girlie parlour if I get the chance later this evening. Take care.
  11. i have both and between the 2, i still like my CB pochette best
  12. I would keep cerises:yes:
  13. Tough decision but I'll say keep the Cerises, unless the CB is in pink/pink...
  14. I would keep the cerise and just pickup a CB pochette when you have the funds...they are always avail. on LT, etc.
  15. ^ I agree. I would wait until you have enough $ for the CB. I know its hard to wait, but you may regret selling your cerise. I remember when CB first came out years ago and I've only gotten a pink CB pochette and papillon this year from let trade.