Which is more year-round and versatile - gris pyrite or tarmac?

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  1. Hi! I am considering buying my first Bal. I need a small crossbody and have long had my eye on the Hip. Grey seems perfect and here is the dilemma - Gris Pyrite or Gris Tarmac?

    I have not seen neither colour in real life and you know how unreliable photos can be with colour, so I am hoping for your expert advice. I need the colour to be as versatile as possible and work in all seasons - perhaps more towards spring/summer since I already have a Mulberry crossbody in black which is great in autumn and winter, but still it should not feel out of place in winter, too. The colour should not be too close to black but diversify the options and still be a great versatile and timeless neutral.

    Both gris colours look great. Based on online photos, I am leaning towards gris pyrite but I am not sure if it might be too light, quickly showing any soiling and colour transfer... Overall, which do you think might serve me better?

    My mind is set on giant gold hardware, if that makes any difference. I very much appreciate your advice!

    By the way, does anyone know if the Day will once again be available in black with giant gold hardware at some point? It is my current dream bag and looking forward to getting that, too.
  2. Hi. Both colors are lovely but for a year around bag I'd choose Gris Tarmac. It is a true grey and the leather is tdf. :love: It is pillowy soft.

    Here is a pic of my 2013 Gris Tarmac CP

    And here it is next to 2011 Anthra Hip & 2013 Gris Tarmac CP

    Good luck and let us know what you decide!
  3. I agree with TaraP, I have the Work in Gris Tarmac RH and it is a true true grey that is year round. Gris Pyrite is a beautiful medium grey with what I want to say is a beige-y undertone that looks beautiful with GGH but it's definitely a spring summer bag.
  4. Thank you, TaraP and MyLVAddict! And TaraP, your Hip and CP are beautiful.
    I understand from your replies that Gris Pyrite is not dark enough for the winter but is Gris Tarmac light enough for the summer? It looks quite dark on the photos, perhaps too dark to act as the only summer crossbody? Both do look absolutely beautiful colours.
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    So to close up the topic, I will share the end conclusion. Despite all the good advice, I felt the gris pyrite was calling me over gris tarmac, took the plunge and ordered it. It is indeed a great colour for spring-summer season and I think it would work successfully in the winter season, too.

    However, it is going back, and that for several reasons:
    1) Although gris pyrite is beautiful, it looked kind of strange to me in contrast with the bright shining gold hardware. I am sure it is a great combo, just maybe not for me. Also, as wonderful as gris pyrite is, the colour itself clashed with my warderobe (classic blacks, greys, blues, reds) in an unexpected way.
    2) The gold hardware... wow, really shiny! Too shiny for me, who I prefer to keep a low profile with my bags. Also, the gold is shiny and new now but I cannot be certain it will remain in this condition in the long term...
    3) The leather across the bag, even a small bag like the Hip, was inconsistent - one part of the bag was really smooth, the other really soft and wrinkly. I understand Balenciaga explains this as a sign of authenticity of the leather, but the small OCD in me wants consistent type of leather and I know I just cannot deal with this...
    4) The shoulder strap was incredibly short - and at 172 cm (around 5ft 8) I am not even that tall! The overall effect was like I had snatched a bag from a child :smile: Sure, I could have an extra hole punched in the strap but that would leave the strap with many little holes in it, indicating that the strap is used to the max. Not an issue for most though. So to anyone my height or over reading this - my recommendation is that the Hip is great as a shoulder bag but if you intend to wear it as a crossbody, be ready to punch in extra holes (and for people taller than me that might not work either).

    So I think despite loving the idea of a Hip, it is just not meant to be. If any way I could be certain that the gold hardware would not chip, fade or tarnish, I could see myself getting a black GGH and trying to make that work.

    Thanks again for your help! Better luck next time.