Which is more worth it... Rosella or Ron Rons/Pigalle Plato?


Jul 11, 2010
Hi everyone! So I'm in a bit of a pickle deciding between a new pair of shoes at the moment...

1. I need a pair of black flats. For sure. Everyone does right? I bought the Rosella flats in black kid leather and I showed my close guy friend who told me it was one of my "dumber purchases". He even offered to give me an extra $300 for me to exchange it for a pair of heels because he feels so strongly that spending about $620CDN on flats isn't worth it. He would rather have me spend $900 on a pair of heels instead.

2. I've been pining for a pair of nude CLs for about a year now. And FINALLY, I just found out that a store in my area is getting a shipment of Ron Rons in nude patent sometime this/next week, or I could wait for the online boutiques to restock in nude patent Pigalles if they do. But since I have kind of an olive complexion (tan Asian), I feel that nude may be too light for my skintone and I should go for camel instead? --which I can't find anywhere right now so I'd have to hold off this purchase entirely.

3. I don't have much money at the moment. I'm 21 and I'm not working right now so I'm down to my last few for now until I find another job :sad:

So my main question is: do you think it is worth it to spend that amount of money (when you don't have much left) on a pair of simple black flats? Or would you rather take the extra money and go for a pair of nude heels even though they may not match my skintone which is the main point of nude heels (to elongate legs)? Please help! :sad: Thanks!!
Jan 15, 2011
I personally like the Rosella flats, especially the powder pink watersnake ones. I can see your dilemma though, because the rationalization is if you're going to spend lots of money on shoes, then might as well do it with a bang....right?

If you think the camel would look better than the nude on your skin tone, then wait to get those because there's no point in settling for the nude ones, especially if money is tight. You should spend the money on a pair you love.

As far as the flats go, it shouldn't matter what your friend thinks as long as you love what you purchased. Not to mention, you get TONS of use out of flats and definitely get your moneys worth! HTH!


Dec 27, 2009
I'm sorry but if you are not working and are nearly out of money, I think that the last thing you need to be purchasing is a pair of Louboutins..... :nogood:

It always pays to have an emergency fund stashed - you never know what might happen! :flowers:

But -- either way, I'd go with the flats hehe. ;)


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Jul 18, 2006
i would return the flats and get the nude ron rons instead. the rosellas are lovely, but tbh, you can get nice black flats for much cheaper elsewhere. there just isn't a substitute for a pair of fabulous CL nudes!

ETA: i clearly didn't read closely about the $$ situation. but if you are having $$ issues... the shoes can wait. these are classics, they'll be there for you to purchase when the time is right.


Jul 11, 2010
I'm not entirely broke. I still have a few hundred and if I ever ran into any problems (very unlikely), my parents would always support me... They just don't support my shopping for shoes and bags. They pay for my car, insurance, gas, school, and everything else though. I just have to spend my own money for pleasure purchases :sad:


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Nov 29, 2010
I'm sorry but if you are not working and are nearly out of money, I think that the last thing you need to be purchasing is a pair of Louboutins..... :nogood:

It always pays to have an emergency fund stashed - you never know what might happen! :flowers:

But -- either way, I'd go with the flats hehe. ;)

agreed. you can legit get suitable black flats from anywhere that are cute. although some here might disagree, cl is not the end all and be all in shoes :smile:

eta: i dont agree with spending that much on flats either tbh.


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Mar 19, 2011
Pigalle Plato is very comfortable. I haven't tried on Ron Ron's so I can't tell you the feel of those ... however, I am going to echo what the others said; even IF your parents support you on the staples, you may want to reconsider buying a pair of $ 1,000.00 shoes but that's just me.

Now, if you can go try them on ... I say get the ones that you love that feel great on you but don't just buy to have them yanno?


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Aug 16, 2009
Well here's the thing, if you want a pair of cute flats but feel that CLs are a bit expensive there are great alternatives. Are you set on CLs though?


These are awesome and I have 3 pairs of them (2 in nude and 1 in gunmetal) and are so pretty IRL. I've gotten nothing but compliments on them.


I don't know if these are your size, but they are a great deal on the Valentino bow pumps. I have them in the full pump version in sand and that is actually my perfect nude (I'm a super pasty asian) but my friend has hers in the Nude and they are perfect on her! Just some suggestions (I know this is the CL thread and all but hey! I have a diverse collection as do many of the ladies here).

BUT if it has to be those 3 options I'd wait for the Camel.... a true nude is always great :biggrin:


May 21, 2009
I would return the Rosellas. They are lovely but hardly fabulous.

Now with regards to Ron Ron or Pigalle Plato...take your time. Try them on, see if you like the tone. Wait until you are sure...and can afford them. These are classics as has been mentioned - they might be hard to track down but you will track them down. If you are going to spend so much money on shoes they should be absolutely perfect and special.


Jan 27, 2007
I would return the rosellas. Flats always go on sale. IMO, they just aren't worth full price unless you really really just have to have them. I personally would never pay full price for a pair. If I were you I'd save the money towards a pair of heels. Whether that is now or later will be for you to decide. Out of the two pairs, I'd pic the pigalle Plato.