Which is more versatile - '05 Caramel or '06 Camel?

  1. Okay, I know they are both neutrals and will go with a whole lot of stuff, but... do you think one is more versatile than the other? Do you think one is a nicer color? I actually prefer the Camel as a color and it pops more, but the Caramel seems like it might go with more because it's not as warm. Plus -- the '05 leather!! (The style I'm thinking about is the Day.) Thoughts?
  2. I think they are equally versatile, so you should go with the color you like more.
  3. Either, but I think f/w '06, not s/s '06 is much prettier. The leather on most of them is thick and less veiny and the color looks like butterscotch pudding.
  4. I have the Caramel '05 and it is one of my most versatile bags. It matches with EVERYTHING and is my favorite summer bag!!
  5. I have the 06 Camel, and although I never felt the 05 leather, the leather on that 06 Camel is thick and very nice. It is way different from my 04 leathers though. Thicker and has that hearty "works hard for you" feel. The negative is that the tassels split very quickly and it was dry at first. Now that it's properly moisturized, I love it.

    Color-wise, I think Camel looks great in person but looks a bit orangish in pictures. I think the darker "pumpkin" shade is very complementary with lots of clothes in my wardrobe. Oh, and the color is dark enough so you don't have to be so delicate with the bag. :smile:
  6. ^^ that's true, f/w '06 is better:cutesy:
  7. The 06 Camel! A very pretty, warm butterscotchy tan! The Caramel is more of a beige-pale tan. I think both are equally versatile, but the Camel is a tad more unique and interesting-looking IMO. Meaning, you can find a lot of bags out there (other designers) in the caramel color, but not as many in the camel color. Camel is just a little different from the norm. And you're right, it pops beautifully!
  8. I have a 05 Caramel that I just love and I agree with the other poster above that said it is a great color that goes with everything. It's the reason this was my first B Bag purchase.

    Are both bags in the same condition? I think I would probably choose based on that since I think both colors are nice.
  9. I vote 05 Caramel. The best neutral color. It really goes w/ everything and the leather is TDF
  10. I like the 05' caramel. I plan to own it one day.
  11. Well, it's a somewhat theoretical question:wondering

    I already own an '05 Caramel Day ( purchased from a lovely tPFer on E-bay) that I haven't used much yet, due to weather, etc. It's in nice shape and it was a good deal. I've also been admiring a friend's Camel Day and coveting that a bit. I found one that's new but the tassels are split and it's a bit leftoverish-feeling, if you know what I mean. Plus it's full retail and tax and all of that. So if I decide to go Camel I would probably sell the Caramel and start hunting for a gently used Camel instead. It would be a process. Keeping the Caramel is certainly the easiest way to go. But thrill of the hunt and all...

    I've been able to AB the colors with my friend's bag, I would say that the Caramel goes better with my wardrobe generally - if you hold it up to my closet, it works with nearly every item in there, but the Camel works better as a stand alone color with my coloring and looks awesome with black or white.