Which is More True to the Actually Color (MAB)

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  1. Royal w/ Basket Weave


    For those of you who have this bag or have seen it IRL which one is more true to the actual color?
  2. Hey sweetie, those are two different bags. The first one is the Blue with Brown Wicker, and the second bag is the Royal Blue with Brown Basketweave. I own the second bag and it is gorgeous but I cant really speak for the other bag, although I do think it looks a tad "washed out".
    The Royal Blue is a deep, pretty blue and looks pretty much exactly like the picture you posted.

  3. I prefer the first bag.
    The second royal blue one looks a bit 'superman' IMO....
  4. Really? Well they were using both pictures for alternative pics of the bag on funkylala.com. I prefer the second one. I love that bright blue color. I wonder which one they are trying to advertise.
    Thanks for the correction :tup:
  5. the color is more like the second one.

    check my showcase thread for pics of my royal/brown basketweave MA
    (link in my signature)
  6. ^ it's so pretty. Especially w/ the light flashing against it.
  7. The color is somewhere in between these two pictures in my opinion.

    Brigher blue than this....

    But not quite as bright as this:
  8. I posted a thread about these two bags about a month ago because I wasn't sure which bag I liked better. I ended up ordering both of them, I had to actually see them to make a decision. The Blue w/ brown wicker ended up suiting me a lot more than the Royal. The Royal was a beautiful bag but I bit to bright IMO and the gold hardware turned me off (it was like the gold and bright royal were to flashy). If you're looking for a pop of color the Royal is the way to go; if you want something more muted than opt for the Blue.