Which is more shiny?

  1. Hi gals, i check out the Pomme Vernis agenda today at the LV stores and it's beautiful. The surface is very shiny. However the framboise agenda is out of stock and so i couldn't compare. Is framboise surface as shiny as Pomme? Thank you!! :heart: :heart:
  2. All LV vernis have the same patent "shine" to them....it's just sometimes the color makes one look shinier than the other....IMO that's the case with pomme, since it's such a deep gorgeous shade.....
  3. I dont know, but I love framboise ALOT better than Pomme (IMO)
  4. I love the Pomme.
  5. I think the Pomme is shinier than the Framboise. And related to that, I think the Fuchsia is shinier than the Framboise as well...the Framboise has more shimmer and tends to look more muted IMO.
  6. Thanks gals. By the way, are Framboise, Pomme and Fushia seasonal colors which will be off the stores when the season is over?
  7. I like the pomme better anyway, and I am a pink girl!
  8. :yes:

  9. Not quite

    • Fuschia is an older colour which is now discontinued you'd be lucky to find any in stores.
    • Framboise has just been discontinued so it is still available but there's not a lot left and when it's gone that's it
    • Pomme has just been made permanant but permanant in LV doesn't mean forever it just means a number of seasons so that will go at one point in the future too
  10. :yahoo:

    I prefer pomme.
  11. I totally agree with Rebecca's assessment. Also adding that the Pomme has more "pop."
  12. Pomme has always been my favorite since it seems to stand out more!
  13. I prefer pomme and think that it has more shine than the others.
  14. if it helps, this is a picture of my current vernis collection.
    the heart purse is pomme
    the koala wallet is framboise

    maybe you can tell differences in shinyness in the pictures :p

    to me, I think both are shiny, the pomme might be more reflective because it is a darker color.
  15. i think framboise has more of a shimmer and glittery tone to it...the dark the color I think the shinier it looks