Which is more practical to use as an evening bag?

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  1. Hello everyone,

    You ladies were so wonderful with helping me decide what bag to get last year so once again I am gonna need your advice!

    I would love to get an evening bag, my 2 options are the Timeless Clutch ( Caviar ) and the Camellia Flap. Both are so cute! I would really love a Classic piece, I know the timeless clutch is, but does anyone know if the Camellia Flap is considered a Classic?? And which is more practical? Thank you!!!:heart:
  2. Camellia flap bec you can carry it on your shoulder and hang it on a purse hook if having dinner etc, the timeless flap could just get in the way.
  3. I love the timeless clutch. it holds a lot and it's definitely a classic. Good luck with your choice =)
  4. I adore the Timeless Clutch. As far as which bag is easier to use, I think they both are because the Flap can be carried over your shoulder and the Clutch can be tucked under your arm. The only advantage I could see with the Flap is that it can be hung over the back of a chair when not in use as opposed to having to set the Clutch on a table...
  5. It's offered every year, so I guess it is a classic! It's a bit cheaper too. I have one. :yes:
  6. timeless clutch hands down..
  7. ooohhhh this is a tough decision!! I still have no clue which one to pick!!! more pros and cons please!!
  8. I started a thread about this a few months ago because I was looking for an evening bag and as much as I love the Timeless Clutch, I wasn't sure if it was for me.

    Some helpful posters pointed out that there is no place to put your bag when you go to the bathroom. I hadn't thought of that!

    Anyway, many posters suggested the TC, and no one suggested the Camellia Flap, but I bought it anyway because it has a nice long strap, it's lambskin and it has gold hardware, which I love.

    I'm very klutzy. I would probably drop the TC. I think the Flap is lovely. :yes:
  9. Jayne1- I have been thinking about the bathroom situation. The strap makes alot of sense, also real handy to take out during the day to run errands, but the timeless clutch would be a new addition to my collection, I don't own a clutch so it would be nice to have one. Argh...I need to look at some pictures and compare them.Thanks!!!
  10. I'm into classic pieces. I say go for the timeless clutch. Good luck w/ your decision.
  11. Definitely the timeless clutch! As it's name describes it, it's timeless! You can even wear it with a simple jeans and a collared shirt. Goodluck :smile:
  12. I'd go for the timeless clutch also. Goes with everything.
  13. timeless clutch is perfect. simple yet sophisticated.
  14. The flap! More convenient, economy size, and best of all can be day time + evening. Also, special day time events ( baptism, ...) will be better than carry a clutch.

    Good luck! I have : 1 black , 1 white, and that''s all I need !
  15. One more thing for sure : If I have to wear festive clothes, I used rhinestone, or beaded clutches, because I think the Timeless clutch is somehow not so much stand out for these occasion.