Which is more practical-the black or brown bag?

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  2. what it comes down to is a bag that you want to wear with everything and that looks good with everything (my mono canvas LV fits the bill just fine!)

    if that doesn't work for you, look at what you wear the most--if you wind up with black pants and a top on a regular basis, go black!! whatever you do, make sure you looooove your new bag and get a great deal on it!!!
  3. Exactly!

    For me, brown is more practical because of my wardrobe. I also tend to just prefer the look of brown bags, there are so many different shades.
  4. I find black to be more practical for me since I wear a lot of black. I would love to get a brown bag but I just don't know how much wear I would get out of it.

    If you're the same way, I would probably suggest going with a lighter shade of brown, almost tan. I've seen a couple bags in lighter shades that I think would look great with black!
  5. I honestly prefer browns to black, but think black the most practical. The reason is that there are so many different shades of brown that it can get complicated, but black pretty much goes with any black, KWIM?
    I think you should actually consider grey as well- it is a hot color this fall, but more importantly, I really feel it is the best neutral and goes with anything!
  6. Oh good grief. This is an impossible question for me. I think they're both necessary and needed! :tup:
  7. I think the most practical bag is a tan bag because it would go with black or brown. Sometimes browns are too hard to match. For example, if I carry a brown bag, I want to wear a brown belt but usually one is more red than the other. But if tan isn't an option, then I would say black. I am just bored of black right now.
  8. A tan or else black, IMHO.
  9. I have a great brown bag and a great black bag but i find myself switching between them all of the time.
  10. It's true that there are many shades of brown, for that reason I think black is more practical, so I say get a black bag first, then a brown bag.

    You'll probably end up needing both, so find one you love and that's a great start.
  11. I think brown is more practical especially a lighter colored brown so it can go with anything and work year round. I love brown bags and have an aversion to black bags though.
  12. i would say brown, i carry brown bags a lot more than black bags, but i dress a bit to the casual side. if you have a lot of black clothes then a sleek black purse would be great.

    i would say invest in both black and a brown bag, they're worth it.
  13. for me, black is more practical, yet i have more brown bags. go figure.
  14. I find that black bags have more versatility - I can dress up and dress down with a black bag, but for a brown bag I can't pull that off - I always have to put a casual look together to go with a brown bag, perhaps brown is an earthy tone? I don't know. But the exception would be my LV - but for my other brown bags, I can't seem to put that same kind of classy look together like I can with a black bag.

    So for me, I find a black bag is more practical.
  15. What do you own more of? Black or Brown. If your wardrobe is primarily one color that's what I would go with.

    IMO a medium brown or camel shade is the most versatile. It goes with black, brown, tan, and navy. It also looks better with bright colors. I think Black (and sometimes dark brown) can be too much a contrast for brighter or pastel colors and it can look harsh.