which is more ICONIC? Silverado Vs. Paddy


Which one is more ICONIC???

  1. Paddy definitely

  2. Silverado fosho!!!

  3. Neither, I'm all about the bracelet bags, bettys, or bays!

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  1. Yesterday i had a temporary moment of insanity and thought to get rid of all my paddys :wtf: because i am loving my silverados soooooo much right now.

    Out of these two, which do you prefer and WHY?

    Me first, I prefer the silverado at the moment. They are way lighter than my paddys and are more easy to get into!!!
  2. I am with you!!

    I am loving the Python Silverado experience like mad.

    BUT, I think to answer your question, the Paddy is more iconic.
  3. ooh, how do you decided? they are both so great!!!
  4. ^^ Green eggs, it's soo hard for me to decide. Yesterday, i swear i was thinking to get rid of ALL of my paddys and just keep the rest... but i couldn't bring myself to do it.. I'm actually forcing myself to wear a paddy right now.. LOL
  5. I think it's the paddy no question, but I love my silverados as well, (I have four of those! All the same style, the large doctor bag in four colors: chocolate, black, red, and tan.) I use them less than the paddys though! I can't believe you'd get rid of all of your paddys!:sad:
  6. ^^ Beanie.. it was a temporary thought!! I really really couldn't do that.. i'd be sooo sad!! I started trying them on yesterday and thought yeaaa :nuts:... paddys rock! :rochard:. Then i took my grenat loaf out w/ me.

    I think it's just a problem w/ me having too many options to choose from :balloon:
  7. I only have one Chloe Silverado Python (natural) but I have quite a few Paddys in different styles (blanc, rouge, blue jeans moyen, whiskey) and I just don't think I could pick. The Silverado is new to me and didn't appeal until I saw that Python in naturel, you are right it is so light, like a feather, but I can't fling it around like I can that unbelieveable leather on the Paddy's which will last forever. Iconic--I think the Paddy--but I couldn't give up one for the other...DO you girls really think you could give up feeling that Paddy smooshy leather?
  8. Let's not be talking the crazy talk, young lady! :lecture: Go hug a Paddy right now! (You KNOW you'd miss 'em!)
  9. I have to say Paddy! To me, it is just the quintessential, iconic Chloe bag!
  10. ^^^ITA

    But I love my python Silverado to pieces :heart: I just don't think it is as iconic as the Paddy - I mean, other than the Balenciaga, what bag really is?
  11. I think the Paddy will always be what Chloe is remembered for when we look back. The Silverado is a fab bag and D&G you have some great ones but I reckon the paddy is it.

    Go love those paddies again!
  12. ^ I agree. :yes:

    The Paddy will be the most remembered, globally, as the earlier bags were not widely sold in the US, when they first came out.

    It's not my personal favourite, though.

    With a few exceptions, like the Ida Clutch, I like the early-to-mid Phoebe Philo era bags, particularly the Clutches and Hobos, the best. :biggrin:

  13. I totally agree, now the Birkin and the Kelly are real "icons" that have made it thru time.
  14. I know the fashion history, but I think that Paddington
    need just time because is more recent..Soon Paddington will be iconic..
    In my wishlist I have many Paddington in different colours and measurement, but I have no one Silverado: I like, but I never wanted one...
  15. I think the Paddington is more iconic. I think it's been around long enough that you can say that. I love my python Silverado (using it today, since it will be sunny!) and I think the Silverado looks better than the Paddy in black, but I think the Paddy is more classic.