Which is more exciting to you????

  1. Do you prefer buying LV at the boutiques or ordering through Eluxury....both seem fun since you get a totally different experience, one being doted on at the boutique and the other getting a package at your house that you can rip open just like Christmas morning! So, which do you all prefer more??
  2. E-Luxury- you dont have to pay tax!!!
  3. the store experience of course you get to try any bag that you want!
  4. I'm in CA, so we get taxed anyways. I prefer buying from a boutique so that I don't have to worry about a package being lost/stolen.
  5. LV boutique! I like being able to see/examine the goods before I buy, plus I like the option of trying on anything else at the store "just to be sure". It's also fun walking out of the store with a big LV bag. :P
  6. I'm in California so I would get taxed through eLux. I prefer going to the boutique cuz coming out of the store with the LV shopping bag make me feel great...heehee. :happydance:
  7. From the store is my only choice, outside of eBay that is. Boo hoo.. !!

  8. I'm with you! Saves me 8.25% and I'll take every bit I can get! :yes:
  9. I pick the boutique over eLux anyday:

    -Experiences at boutiques are awesome.

    -The Galleria is 10 minutes away from where I go to school... so I might as well just drive down the street and buy it there!

    -I like carrying around a LV shopping bag around the mall and having people ask "Oooh!!! What did you get?"
  10. Yea, I agree with the boutique!! It's so much fun to go in and see all of the new bags (well, the ones they have, anyway). I love leaving there with a big ole' shopping bag!! hee hee
  11. definatly the boutique.. love walking arorund and then the thrill stays with you till you get home..


    but at home is a close second cuz theres more pentup excitmenet cuz youve been waiting for so long
  12. I usually go to the boutique to see what the bag in real life. Then I order from Eluxury to avoid paying tax. I usually only order from Elux when they are also offering free shipping.
  13. It's all about the thrill of buying it in the store!!!
  14. I don't care as long as I love the bag :P
  15. I love eluxury... there is some mystery there! But I love the store and using the bag immediately!!