Which is more difficult to maintain? Pony/calf hair or suede?

  1. I'm grateful for any general advice, since it's my first time considering either material.

    Any thoughts as to which will survive longer? This applies to both handbags and shoes, I suppose.

    Thanks in advance! :flowers:
  2. I think they're both difficult. I had a special edition Ocelott bag from coach a few years ago which was both Lavender suede and Ocelott (not real) pony hair. The suede was easily marked...stains, rub marks etc and the pony hair can shed. I also had a pair of adorable Dansko clogs in the Pony hair but I had to return them because where my jeans wore on them the hair fell out and left bare marks. So... to me leather is better :smile:
  3. I just ordered a gorgeous leather and calf hair bag and therefore had a similar question about maintenance. According to the designer and others I know who own calf hair bags, it is quite easy to maintain. If it gets wet it dries well and is pretty resistant to stains...I was told to think of cows who live out in the elements and how their hair easily withstands the different weather conditions, lol. ;)
    HTH! :smile:
  4. I can give you shoe examples if it helps. I have a pair of vintage pony slides from the 60's and they are in perfect condition. no shedding and no stains whatsoever despite lots of wear. They really seem indestructible actually. My newer suede shoes seem to show every scuff.
  5. ^^

    Wow, I'm impressed, Dollyrusso. And sorry to hear about your purse, 4purse...

    I'm actually considering getting leopard calf hair Prada flats, or suede (or pony hair) Tod's flats. I really, really don't want to kick myself for shelling out $$$$ for shoes that'll last me only a couple months... Oui or non?
  6. Yeah, or like if you spill coffee on your cow... ;)

    (hi glamourgirl! :smile:)
  7. LOL! :p
    Hey there! :smile:
  8. I say suede by far...I have a pair of white pony hair winter boots that I've been wearing for 5 years now..and they are still WHITE...people think they are brand new whenever they see them.
  9. OK suede's out.

    Any spray protectant neeeded for calf hair?

    I guess cows don't need to be sprayed...