Which is more 'designer' Coach or Juicy?

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  1. Seems that Juicy turns up on more sites selling 'designer' items, but their bags are cheaper than Coach. Coach seems to have a sort of mass market appeal as I have seen many high school kids and college students carrying them around, and rarely seen any juicy bags among the selfsame crowd.
  2. Juicy is tacky for the most part.

    I'd say Coach.
  3. both juicy and coach are tacky
  4. My vote is for Coach.
  5. I would say that they are both designers. Their audience is different, but they are both as much of a designer as the other.
  6. I don't like either, though I do have a Juicy bag(I like it because it doesn't look like one). I would have to say Juicy, I guess. Coach is pretty blah and Juicy is pretty tacky.
  7. They are marketed toward different audiences, IMO.
  8. I don't think one is more "designer" than the other. They are both created by designers. I think which one is better is a matter of personal taste. I don't really care for Juicy. Most of the stuff looks like it is designed for a 13 year old girl. Coach has some nice designs, but some of their bags have gotten way overpriced.
  9. I'd say Juicy? Tough call though.
  10. I just saw that eluxury sells juicy...I didn't know where it ranked on the designer scale. Low? Medium?
  11. I totally agree!
  12. Me too.
  13. Agreed. :yes:

    I personally don't find Juicy appealing to me but I love Coach.
  14. Both HAVE designers, but I don't consider either brand to BE designer...do I make sense?
  15. Coach