which is more classic?

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  1. over size muse or chyc?
    im debating on the two styles and im stuck
  2. Ok I am lusting after a chyc cabas in beige, but I have an oversize muse in beautiful khaki and I want another one in another colour so I would have to say oversize muse
  3. That's a tough one. I am dying for the Cabas Chyc so I am going with thats.
  4. Cabas Chyc gets my vote!!
  5. I would go with the muse because of it's unique shape. But I do have a slight preference for the large instead of the OS.
  6. I'd say chyc. I used to own a muse but we drifted apart!
  7. Cabas Chyc gets my vote...this is definitely my next bag!!
  8. I think they both are classic, however will vote for the Muse since it has stood the test of time. I have the OS and the Large and end up using the Large more often though.
  9. Muse....its shape and lines speak to me!
  10. I like Cabas Chyc better~
  11. I vote Cabas Chyc...love that Y
  12. Both bags are gorgeous, but as hanana mentioned the Muse has stood the test of time. I have the oversize Muse and the large Muse, they are two of my favorite bags, would like to add a Cabas Chyc to my collection and hope that it has the longevity that the Muse has had thus far, which I believe it will.

    You can't go wrong with either.
  13. Muse is a true YSl classic, I would choose Muse
  14. I really like both, but would not know which one I would buy first.... The purchase price or color opportunity would probably drive the decision.