Which is larger? The Hudson or the striped Trish? r/o


Jun 7, 2006
I am trying to decide which to purchase. I saw the Trish in person and I like it, but I didn't like that it only had one main section, not different compartments. I saw the Hudson awhile back, but it has been a long time and I can't remember how large it was. I prefer a larger bag. Lots of the MJ bags are too small for me.

I have only seen the Trish in pictures and don't care for the shape. I've seen the Hudson IRL, its large and sooooo pretty. I don't remember if its heavy or not.
I wasn't too crazy about the Trish, either. I had the SA hold it last night, because it was in the Chili shade and I liked the color combo, but the shape is really not me. The Hudson is definitely something I would wear. I just can't decide between the Chestnut, Chili or Dark Brown. I like the contrasting stripes, just trying to figure out which one I would love the best.

Any opinions on color?
I love the Chili, too. The other shades are starting to grow on me, though. I wear a lot of black and a lot of warmer shades in the brown family, so the Chestnut might be nice. The Chili is really interesting, though. If I could only find one!

hudson is def. bigger. it's also more "substantial"....it has the 3 compartments, and just feels like more in the hand...not sure how else to explain it. could be that it's incredibly heavy, too, of course ;)

personally, i don't love the shape of the trish....i don't like the "duffle" shape that it has. but many love it, esp. since it has a shoulder strap.

Personally, based on looks and the compartment factor, the Trish will hold more because there aren't any compartments. The compartments are going to hinder how much stuff you put inside of the bag. I placed all my items in both bags and I can't fit everything in the Hudson.

I think they are two different style bags with the same type of leather. Go for what you love.