Which is hotter...the Le Precieux in black or white?


Which colour Le Precieux?

  1. Black

  2. White

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. I have to admit...I love both...and if I had the money I'd get both. But I can only get ONE, whenever that may be (probably at the Alberta TPF Meet!!!). Really, I'd consider buying both...ummm...maybe when I have the extra cash, lol (now when will THAT ever happen?).

    I first saw real pics of the white one through KarenKooper and it was like love at first sight with this clutch. I love the white, but now that I've seen the black one on vuitton.com, I love the black one too! :nuts:

    I've made some pro/con points about both colours, for your consideration when you vote:

    * colour is easy to maintain since you can't tell it's dirty, especially since it's a clutch and will be handled lots
    * inside lining is also black, can't notice dirt as much
    * don't have to worry about jean dye or whatever dye rubbing onto the leather
    * yellow stitching really "pops"...great contrast
    * black goes with just about anything
    * I already have a black LV bag, the epi Segur PM
    * black doesn't look as classic and classy as the white

    * I don't have a white LV bag yet, so this adds variety to my collection
    * white bag may attract more attention/compliments than a black bag (not as common I guess)
    * the gold hardware goes well with the off-white
    * it's the colour that made me fall in love with this clutch in the first place
    * dark dyes/jean dye may rub onto the leather (and I will FREAK OUT if it does)
    * inside lining is white, may get dirty very easily
    * WHEN I get a Le Fab I think I will get a white one...do I need two white Suhali pieces?
    * the "white" is actually an off-white, which may make it harder to match than if it were a pure white...

    Here are pics to help you vote:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    So...which is it??
    white.jpg black.jpg whitelarge.jpg blacklarge.jpg
  2. Black for me
  3. Black!
  4. White :p
  5. Oh gosh, they are both really beautiful.

    Its a really tough decision because you make some really good points on the PROS and CONS of both the Black and White.

    Hmmmmmm ............ I say WHITE because you mentioned that you don't have a White LV bag in your collection and I do have to agree with you that the White does have more of a classy look to it then the Black does.

    Also, I've seen your pics in the "Whats Inside Your LV Bag" thread and you keep the inside of your purses really clean so getting the inside of the White Bag dirty shouldn't be a problem with you.
  6. i like black more then white. But since you already have black epi segur, and you love white, i think you should buy white first. If you are thinking to purchase this clutch for formal occasion not for everyday basis, i think you can do it.
  7. Black is my fave... so it gets my vote.
  8. black is sooooooooo chic!!!!
  9. yup black gets my vote
  10. I love them both, too but I'll get white first because I have already a black small bag. So I vote for white :p
  11. I say black, and wait for your white Le Fab to come along!! Black all the way!!
  12. Le Precieux is the cheapest in suhali line right? saw it last night at vuitton.com, and so fast got this thread about it. was thinking of getting one as cannot afford to buy others in this line.. too expensive. :smile: for me, i will get the white. because i dun like the gold thing with the black. anyway, if u manage to get one, please post up a modelling picture ya.
  13. Yes, so far, the Le precieux is the smallest and least expensive Suhali handbag.
    I think once it's time for me to get one, a couple others would have already gotten it!
  14. black, hands down!! gorgeous!
  15. I am going to vote for Verone ... I love the white stitching on it:heart: I think this is the best suhali colour release after plum:yes: