***WHICH IS HOT???? RED E/W or RED M/L????***

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  1. Hi Ladies!

    I guess since it's February :heart:, it made me wanna think of getting a Red purse once again. After failing to locate one with GH last year, I ended up getting a Jumbo Beige Clair which I totally adore:love:

    My Red will be more of an accent bag so I'm not concern about fitting a lot of stuff. I believe M/L is more classic but with the double flap isn't more difficult vs East-West which only have a single flap?

    I really appreciate your input so I can start tracking it down.....
  2. The shape of the m/l is prettier than the e/w but I believe the ew can fit more. For me, it's the m/l.
  3. Thanks Sophie!
  4. OP, the m/l is hotter! Yes, the double flap is a bit of a nuisance, but the bag can fit more overall so it doesn't just have to be an "accent" bag.
  5. Thanks Panda!

    So far 2 for M/L...keep it coming.....
  6. Van, have you tried out both in person?
  7. I love my patent E/W, but I must admit, it is a bit small to fit wallet, keys, lipgloss, cell phone, and sunglasses. I can squash it all in and barely get it closed. Not good for the sunglasses...
  8. I own both medium flaps and e/w's, but aesthetically speaking, I have always felt that nothing can beat the medium flap. The proportions are simply perfection! :love: If I had a choice between the exact same bag in both sizes, I would pick the medium (and I also love the fact that I can wear my medium flaps with one strap)!
  9. Sophie, I have tried the M/L but not the E/W yet...
  10. Thanks vhdos!

  11. Minal, you have pinned down one advantage of the medium being worn with one strap....although I think I would be wearing it more if its black...just my opinion...thanks!
  12. I like the look of the Medium Flap better............JMO
  13. Thanks tillie46!
  14. medium! agree w/ minal, can't beat the classiness of its shape and the wearing it single-chained!
  15. Thanks purse-nality! I remember you also looking for a Red with GHW....