Which is heavier the downtown or muse?

  1. ive always loved the muse but did buy one as i find it heavy, now im loving the downtown after seeing pics on the forum. My concern is if its heavy like the muse or is if lighter than the muse ? tia
  2. it is lighter than Muse especially the deer skin one downtown, i love the deer skin version more than the buffalo leather, it is softh and light
  3. I also thought the medium downtown was lighter than the oversize muse, which I own. I am not sure about the large dowtown compared to the OS muse...
  4. Deer skin downtowns are lighter. But muses not heavy at all!
  5. I don't think the muse is heavy at all.
  6. I think downtown is lighter..
  7. Downtown is definitely lighter!
  8. Agree with everyone. Downtown is lighter than Muse.