Which is heavier, Legacy or Carly?

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  1. Does anyone know which of the two bags is heavier if you were to compare similar sized ones made of signature fabric?
  2. I have to believe that the Legacy bags are way heavier, especially the leather. The Carly leather is lighter whereas the Legacy leather is thick and heavey. Plus, the Legacy bags have big oversized hardware which also adds weight.
  3. Without a doubt, Legacy.
  4. Definitely the Legacy, although the new Legacy collection is lighter than the previous collection
  5. +1 for legacy.....especially the leather

    ETA: wooohoooo!! My 2000th post!!
  6. Legacy absolutely, I think the Carly is light but I've been wearing Legacy so that's probably why. ;)
  7. LEGACY definitely!!!! The Carly seems so lightweight to me compared to the Ali!!!!!!
  8. Thanks! At least that makes choosing for me a little bit easier since my shoulders can't really stand bags that are too heavy. Oh, but the Legacy bags are so beautiful, especially their embossed suede!!!
  9. Chalk me up in the Legacy column too. They're, hands down, heavier than the Carly bags. :smile:
  10. what about sig Legacy (shoulder flap) vs. sig Carly? Is the Legacy still heavier?
  11. Legacy... and I weighed my large carly and my mandy and my carly weighed 2 lbs, my mandy weighed 3 lbs, both with nothing in them.
  12. Legacy for me!
  13. Definatley Legacy...but I still adore the legacy bags!!!
  14. Yup, Legacy's heavier. But they both look soooo wonderful!!!
  15. LOL! I agree, I was very suprised at how meaty the legacy was. It's a really nice purse though.