Which is first Mulberry bag should I Get Seaton or Bayswater?

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which Mulberry bag???

  1. bayswater

    6 vote(s)
  2. seaton

    3 vote(s)
  1. I am looking for first Mulberry bag. I have picked two styles between Seaton And Bayswater.
    I searched online, it said Mulberry bags are made in China
    so does your Mulberry bags are made in China?
    which style do you like? Ans which one Mulberry bag is iconic bag. Thank you
  2. I'm not sure how correct your information is.. I think only SLGs are made in China. There are two big factories in Somerset and I'm fairly sure the most popular styles are made in them, so the Bayswater, Lily and other styles too.

    I think the Bayswater is a classic and a great first piece. I do love the Seaton in the mini and micro sizes though.
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  3. If you want iconic, definitely Bayswater. I've never been able to buy one myself because it's so heavy and my shoulders would probably die :biggrin: Love it nonetheless! From the newer bags, I have the small Darley satchel - great bag and I use it all the time
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  4. From personal experience I would say go for the seaton as I find it a more adaptable bag than the Bayswater. Everyone loves a classic but sometime - depending on your lifestyle it may not be the best choice. I chose the seaton because it had the handle carry option but also the removable strap which has the length to do cross body wear (I’m reasonably tall - 5’9 - and a lot of mulberry bags aren’t suitable for me to wear on this way due to the shortness of the straps) as well as on the shoulder. I hope this helps you.
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  5. Bayswater is a classic bag. Best advice would definitely try before you buy. Which ever you think best fits your needs is the right bag for you.
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  6. thank you so much for your feedback. I finally picked out my first ever Mulberry bag in mini zipped bayswater in oak color. I am so thrilled with brand as well as the style.
    For the Style, I have a micro celine bag which is similar with mulberry. Celine is quite heavy and little big for me. but with Mulberry, it is perfectly fine for every day use.
    For the brand: Mulberry is not not quite popular where I live. First time carry it, people asked what brand is that.
    so in love with this bag
    thank you for letting me share it

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  7. by the way, I am even more excited when my bag made in England. first piece luxury that made in England beside my Burberry trench coat
  8. I checked on several websites that selling Mulberry items, some websites mentioned specific place where Mulberry items were made. some was kind like imported such as China or Turkey etc.
    I found one mulberry zipped bayswater bag and mentioned made in China and another seaton bag only said imported.
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