Which is Cuter for a Basic Black Clutch?

  1. Black Epi Honfleur or Pochette?
    epi honfleur.jpg epi pochette.jpg
  2. I don't know about cute--they are both great, but I like the 1st epi better.
  3. oooh I love the honfleur...it's so elegant!! and I"ve never seen one before IRL...I've seen lotsa pochettes though...go for the first one!
  4. I like the pochette better as a clutch...can even use her as a wristlet by hooking one end of the strap to the other...
  5. i'd prefer anything bigger from the two! they both looks pretty to me :P
  6. The honfleur, I think it looks really classy!
  7. I prefer the pochette, simple, understated, elegant ! :yes:
  8. love both sorry
  9. :yes: :yes: :yes:
  10. As a clutch, I like the Honfleur better. As a shoulder bag, pochette.
  11. I lean towards the pochette.
  12. The pochette is sleek and sexier. Go for the second one.:heart:
  13. I have the 2nd one in red. Not very practical, it's always a struggle to fit stuff in it! But it's gorgeous as well, I always get comments. :yes:
  14. Totally agree!! :yes:
  15. The first one.
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