which is better ?

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  1. is it better to buy from coach.com or a coach store.

    do the stores have more selections than the website ?

    thanks in advance,
    Cha Cha
  2. coach store...

    you get free shipping if the item isn't in the store, the opportunity to try on the bags, plus look at upcoming items in the 'red book'.
  3. The store!! Trying on the bags is a must, that way you know what your getting. If they have the bag you want, you get it right then & there. If you purchase from the store all your purchases are tracked through there system making you maybe eligible for there PCE Event.
  4. store!

    i always opt for interaction when buying coach...that's part of the fun!

    and, as mentioned, you can always order in-store and get free shipping!
  5. Always the store for all the reasons already stated.
  6. If there isn't a store nearby though, is it better to call a nearby store? I have a Macy's an hour from me which I've shopped at and I've shopped at coach.com. I didn't know though if it would be better to call a store and order from them since I'm pretty new to coach. Thanks for this thread!
  7. call the actual coach store, not just a store that sells coach (like macy's). not sure if they'll automatically do free shipping when calling, but i'm sure if you ask, they'll do it. they're pretty nice about that!
  8. Neither did I !

    i was never told that i can have a coach store order my stuff for me .
    The s.a. never told me that ??

    I'm learning soooooooooo much ?

    do you know about the red book? i found that out today!! yippy !!

    Your Fan
    cha cha
  9. I like shopping at the store better. You actually get to see the real bag (no stock photo) and you get personal assistance. You can also try on the bag for size. I would only shop online if the store was sold out of what i wanted or I didn't have any stores near me.
  10. Since the Coach store in my local mall is on the small side, their inventory is limited. The majority of the items I have purchased have been ordered for me. Especially if the store only had one item left (as the floor sample). However, I did purchase the floor sample legacy striped planner as they were unable to order it for me.
  11. I usually browse online, do my homework and then go into the store to see items IRL. I agree with the other members... in-store allows you to try on bags, match accessories or get ideas from the displays. I always buy in-store but I did buy my jewelry online. The first time I saw it on the website, I knew I was going to absolutely LOVE it so I placed the order online. I knew my store wasn't going to get the jewelry in anyway and its an hour drive... I didn't want to wait. I can be such a brat sometimes!
  12. I don't think you were being a brat! LOL! Actually, if you know you're going to like something why waste time and gas especially if you know your store won't have it? Might as well order right online. My closest store is 4 hours away then the closest Macy's is an hour away. I may try ordering from a store but I guess I'm a bit intimidated to call and bug someone!
  13. I like the store. Never bought anything online. I don't like to pay for shipping.