Which is better?

  1. Which of these do you guys think is the better bang for the buck?

    Keepall 50
    Keepall 55

  2. I'm torn Keepall 55 (with strap they get heavy) and carryall.

    Carryall is cute but I think it's quite a bit smaller than the keepall
  3. I would have to say the keepall 55 with the strap. That is the one I usually grab
  4. Keepall 55?
  5. ^^^^

    Yep, I agree with the keepall that has the strap, you will be glad you invested in that strap later on !!!!!
  6. If you want an everyday bag, I'd buy the Carryall, but if you a luggage bag, I'd buy the Keepall 55.
  7. I am buying a Keep All 50 on Tuesday!
  8. im so undecided
    but i dont want a strap i NEVER use the one i have on my 60
  9. I'd go for either size Keepall
  10. I like the carryall but it doesn't seem to hold as much as the keepalls..? I'd get the Keepall 55.
  11. Keepall 55.
  12. keepall hands down!
  13. I love the keepall 50 with a strap. I like the smaller size so I don't cram too much into it!
  14. If you have keepall 60, I would go for the carryall.
  15. Keepall w/strap