Which is better?

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  1. The AB saddle bag in large, or medium? I'm seriously thinking about getting one - they're within my price range. I know a place that ships internationally, and that gives refunds. What does anyone think?

    ANDR-WY2_V1-BIG.jpg large

    ANDR-WY4_V1-BIG.jpg medium
  2. medium unless you are 5'5 and up and love a large bag. large is 17 wide and medium is 15. Summer blu also has them in stock but I don't know if they ship internationally I have never used them before.
  3. Well, I'm 5'7 and I do like a large bag. Revolve has them, and they ship overseas. But their website says the medium is 17 wide and the large is 19.
  4. medium looks nice!
  5. Then the 19 may be good for you! Revolve website?
  6. Yeah, its www.revolveclothing.com. They have all kinds of cool clothes - not generally a lot of bags though. I go there to indulge my other fetish - jeans.
  7. Nice site thanks.:amuse:
  8. English hope this helps, andrea brueckner web site says large is
    17 and med is 15 you may want to visit before you order.
  9. I have a medium and have tried on all of the sizes. The medium is definitely the best -- the large is HUGE! I'm 5'8" and it still looked like luggage on me.
  10. Medium.
  11. The medium looks better.
  12. Summerblu.com prices matches...and they ship internationally. It says you have to fax a copy of your credit card to them...I guess because of the cc scams now?
  13. When it comes to choices like this - I always get the large. But I'm of average height (5'5''), so I feel I can go either way.

    I just love having plenty of room to put all my stuff - and I always carry around a smaller clutch inside my larger bags, just in case I end up going somewhere in the evening.
  14. Which size do you think this is?

    The thing that bothers me about the tan/brown is the difference in color on the strap.

    Sorry,the pic won't show up for me, here is a link: Scroll down for the pic with Jessica Simpson in it.