Which is better VS or AE?

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  1. Ive got around $260 from christmas money and i think that American eagle and VS look fab! But becuase of import duties (UK'er here!) i can really only choose one. WHich is better qualilty as they are both around the same price in VSPINK but not so in the normal vs section? Im 14 too, but i much prefer the california look, think Laguna beach, the oc ( in summer, in winter its more a mix of juicy hoodies and primp thermals and jeans lol) than the UK fashions. I buy only US mags and i mainly buy from the USA!:yahoo:if you had $260 for a winterish till late spring kind of wardrobe ( as its cold now but i want stuff that i can wear when it gets to around may ish) Who would you buy from?
  2. Vs!
  3. I think AE and VS are similar quality, but I'd go with the PINK stuff, because it is perfect for a 14 year old. I see VS as being more "California look", as you said you are looking for. AE, to me, is more of a northeastern university girl look.
  4. I say American Eagle. VS is more meant as pajamas, and AE has a lot of pieces that VS doesn't have.
  5. VSpink range its soo cute!:drool: i love the tees, i think i may get from there!
  6. Have you checked Abercrombie clearance? They have some good deals sometimes and I think they're far better quality than AE or VS. Their clothes are also extremely "American" looking IMO. I think quality-wise AE is slightly better so if I had to choose I'd probably go with them. I also think their clothing is a little more versatile and mix-and-matchable too :shrugs:

    Just read Margaret's post-- that's what I was (rather unsuccessfully) trying to say :lol:
  7. funnily enough lol, ive got 3 items i want from abercrombie, im going to phone up the US store and see if they will ship and do a phone order as the UK prices are outrageous! they are £'s in ur dollars so the tees are £25 = $50!!!)
  8. American Eagle over Victoria's Secret for pretty much anything except bras and lingerie. I even buy equal amounts of AE and VS underpants - can't beat the boyshorts!

    American Eagle's hoodies are starting to get softer and actually feel a lot closer to Abercrombie's supersoft hoodies (which I adore). And AE's newer Aerie line has a lot more adorable things in the pajama/sweatpant/loungwear line that will take you past your early teen years and into college - I'm 24 and I still buy some of that stuff but nothing from VS Pink except the underoos.

    I grew up in California and my style definitely fits in with California Casual to the tee - so coming from me, I would spend my money on AE for springtime outfits (their new floorset is the cutest yet) and maybe pick up some VS Pink underwear or something if you want to buy from both.
  9. I like both and I am not 14, lol. AE have very cute tees and jeans, they are a good quality IMO and very afordable too. VS has the pink collection wich is very cute too.
  10. Definitely American Eagle! Im a teen too and while the pjs and tanks are good at VS, American Eagle has more options and its better quality. But if your looking for that Laguna Beach look then buy from VS because American Eagle is more preppy.
  11. American Eagle. At AE you can find a lot of things that VS doesn't have just like Margaritamix said...VS Pink ONLY has sweatpants, tees, and hoodies wherease AE has polos, jeans, dress shirts, cute tank tops, khakis...

    I would buy stuff from AE :smile:
  12. I'd go for AE, hands down. They have a wider variety of merchandise and IMO, a tad better quality than VS.
  13. I prefer AE because they have a variety of merchandise and I love there lounge wear. Also I love tanktops and AE tanks are the only ones that retain there shape after many wears. Alot of times tanks stretch out of shape after wearing them a couple times. Their's are perfect.
  14. American Eagle.
  15. I like VS's sweats... but their clothes quality has been really crap with everything I've ordered.

    I wear AE all the time- basic sweaters, jeans, etc. Never had a problem with quality. I like abercrombie's pullover sweatshirts, but everything else I've ever gotten from there hasn't been worth the money- my tees fell apart, and I've had 4/5 sweatshirts zippers stop working! Also the zipper on my winter coat from AF. Very frustrating. But everyone has different experiences with brands, so you should really go with whatever you see that you really want to wear!