Which is better, Vert Gazon or Bubblegum pink?

  1. I want to get another city bag but I am trying to decide between Vert Gazon or the Bubblegum. I like really smooth leather and don't really like the veiny look. I like the regular hardware. There are no stores in my area so I was just looking for advice from people who have seen them both in person. Thanks so much!
  2. Vert Gazon looks really pretty IRL. Love it with GGH!
  3. i can only speak to the vert gazon, since i just got a vert gazon RH city about a month ago at BalLA, and the leather is quite smooth and saturated (not veiny at all!). i actually went to the store looking for a different color (not vert gazon) but couldn't take my eyes off this vert gazon's leather and ended up buying her. the vert gazon color IRL truly is gorgeous and so hard to capture with pictures, but the color reference threads can at least give you an idea of the leather in this color. if you call BalLA, just let the SA know your leather preference and they should be able to pick one out accordingly. ask for jupiter or syd!

    bubblegum pink, although a very lovely color, was never really on my radar since i was too scared of having dirt / scuffs show and the whole possibility of it fading / yellowing (as some pastels might over time).

    good luck deciding - i def think you should get vert gazon. i have been truly happy with mine!
  4. My Vert Gazon RH First is divine, with lovely silky smooth leather and I have a super wallet (Mini Compagnon?) too. However I have heard people talking about seeing Vert Gazon bags with very dry leather so good and bad clearly exists.

    I have never assessed Bubblegum leather because it is not at all my style. Sorry.
  5. I guess I'm in the minority I would go for the bg I've never been a fan of the color green. Good luck on your choice!
  6. i have both and vert gazon is much easier to wear. i can never bring my bubblegum pink out because it never seemed appropriate for the winter. definitely a spring only bag. it's a really beautiful color but kind of hard to match.

    VG is wearable all the time -- dark enough for the winter, but enough of a pop for the spring! i also get a lot of compliments on VG. :smile:
  7. the vert gazon, I have it in a twiggy and absolutly love it
  8. Vert Gazon!
  9. i'm an odd one out... i usually love green, but when i was vert gazon IRL i was really disappointed - i didnt like it at all.
  10. Vert Gazon!!!
  11. BG for me, I like green but not that shade. Vert D'eau is a lovely minty green color :heart:
  12. That's like asking if ice cream or french fries are better. They're both delish, but totally different!

    But I'd go for BP...
  13. That is so true!! Thanks for your help.
  14. vert gazon! that's what i want for my next bbag.
  15. Def. Gazon!!! I love this green!!:tup: It's the perfect spring color!!