Which is better Trompe L'oeil trocadero or pochette

  1. I probably spelled that wrong. Anyway you get the point. I really like different look of these bags. Which is better though-- the pochetter or trocadero?

    I see the pochette's come up ofter but what about the trocadero? Are they hard to find at reasonable resale prices (basically not higher than retail :shame: )

    thanks :smile:
  2. trocadero is bigger and harder to find...

    I vote for trocadero..
  3. Love this line..


  4. There is only one Trocadero that I see on eBay. I love my Pochette but, wouldn't mind having the Trocadero, too.

  5. bagsnbags how can I blow this pic up of Paris? I wanna see it upclose:yes:
  6. here's sweety..got it for you:


  7. Paris and her sister really love this bag.....they both have been photographed several times wearing it. I love it and wouldn't mind owning it as well. I :heart: my pochette.... this one is much harder to come by.
  8. Thanks BAGSNBAGS!!:heart: :heart:

    Yup. This is the one I want. What a beauty.

    Sheez. My heels have not even cooled off from searching around for my Oskar Waltz and now I'm after another bag. LOL:P
  9. Definately the Trocadero.
  10. I really like both..I'd love to have anything from this line.
  11. they are both pretty!

  12. What else is there besides the pochette, trocadero and le fab??
  13. Nothing.
  14. ^ plus L'ingenieux

    here's complete line:

    LE FABULEUX (M92713)
    13" x 5" x 8"


    L'INGENIEUX (M92712)
    14" x 6" x 8"


    TROCADERO (M92711) 11" x 2.8" x 7"


    POCHETTE ACCESSOIRES (M92710) 8" x 1.8" x 5"


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