Which is better? Ordering from store or through JAX

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  1. really??? hmmm...sounds suspicious that the SA's want to meet their quota lol
  2. try the store first so you get free shipping
  3. My vote would be for the store. I think that the free shipping is worth it. Cause if for some reason you decided that you didn't like the bag they won't refund the shipping charge.
  4. can canadian customers order through JAX??
  5. I have to disagree, my hubby orders my bags either thru JAX or the web and he's gotten the last four PCE's...
  6. ok i was wondering what a PCE is??? and what is the number to JAX if we do want to order something? Thanks!!
  7. #22 Aug 8, 2008
    Last edited: Aug 8, 2008
    1 888 262 6224 I don't know . . . but here's the number

    PCE Preferred customer event. An invitation by mail to receive 25% off select merchandise
  8. Thank You!:yes:

  9. FYI- JAX ships to Canada