Which is better? Ordering from store or through JAX

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  1. Hey girls! I have a dilemma and maybe someone can help me. I am dying for the purse on the Japanese website but not sure how to order it. Is it easier to place an order at the store(which is 20 something miles away from me) or order through JAX but pay the shipping charge? I think I get free shipping at the store but I might have to make two trips if they don't take orders over the phone. What do you guys think? Thanks! :tup:
  2. Jax
  3. what exactly is JAX?
  4. Curious as to why? I've never special ordered from either, so just wondering why ordering through Jax is better. TIA
  5. stores give you free ship...if they can't find something in their system they will call jax...i try to always go through the store
  6. JAX is the Coach merchandise like warehouse in jacksonville
  7. Jax is easier- and what you'll pay for shipping you'll save in gas $ so u are kinda breaking even!
  8. There were times when I tried to go throught the store to order and I was told the item wasn't available and I would call JAX and it was. The system in the store doesn't always seem to match up with what is really available, in my case anyway.
  9. The stores can all do phone orders and will waive your shipping so I always go through the store. :tup:
  10. I do orders through the stores... free shipping.
  11. I like to order from the store because you get free shipping and it is shipped right to your house!
  12. I order directly from JAX because I never get charged sales tax! It works out better for me to pay the 8.50 shipping charge.
  13. Vote for stores - free ship
    (I live close enough that gas isn't a cost factor in this equation)
  14. I like ordering through the store too but not only for free ship but also to check out new stuff and chat with the SA's. It's good to be close to them you get better chances with PCE and the 50 off coupon. That's how it is with my mom and I, even when we didn't get a coupon the SA/Managers knows us so well they give it to us.
  15. My SA told me that ordering through the store gets you eligable for the PCE, since they base those off of your purchases in a particular boutique. Purchases through JAX do not put you in the running for PCE's